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The set of four Australian "XVI Melbourne Olympic Games" stamps were issued on 31-Oct-1956. The set consists of - # 4d Carmine red "Arms of Melbourne" # 7.5d Bright blue "Olympic Torch" # 1s Multicoloured "Collins Street" # 2s Multicoloured "Yarra & Melbourne" The set in Mint UnHinged (MUH) condition might be worth $15 AUD.

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Why is the Duchess of Gloucester on the Australian stamp?

There was a set of three Australian stamps issued in 1945 to commemorate the Royal Visit by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

What is the value of an Australian One Shilling stamp?

Australian One Shilling stamps were issued from 1913 to 1965. Can you narrow down the possibilities with a description of the stamp?

What is the value of 4 cent Queen Victoria Australian stamp?

The first Australian stamps were issued in 1913, 12 years after Queen Victoria died in 1901. The individual states issued their own stamps prior to 1913, but none of them will have a 4 cent value on them since decimal currency was not introduced until 1966. There were many Fourpenny stamps issued between 1850 and 1913, but they will have a state name clearly marked on them.

What was imperfect about the 1975 Christmas Stamp?

They really aren't imperfect, the stamps were printed and issued as intended. But, they did not have a value on them! There was a rate increase being discussed, but they didn't know what it would be. The rate went from 8 cents to 10 cents in September.

When were postage stamps first issued in new zealand?

the stamps were issued in 1855

When was the first Australian postage stamp issued?

The first Australian postage stamps issued, was a range of stamps featuring a kangaroo standing on a map of Australia. They were issued on the 2nd of January, 1913. Prior to that, the states issued their own postage stamps - New South Wales first issue in 1850 Queensland first issue in 1860 South Australia first issue in 1855 Tasmania first issue in 1853 Victoria first issue in 1852 Western Australia first issue in 1857

How much were stamps from Germany in 1801?

There were no stamps in 1801. The first postage stamps were issued in Great Britain in 1840. It was several years after that that German issued postage stamps.

Which countries have issued postage stamps depicting Pythagora and the Pythagorean Theorem?

Greece has issued such stamps. There may be others.

What is value of 1984 US olympic postage stamps?

what is the value of 1984 united states olympic postage stamps?

What was the cost of a stamp in 1765?

There were no stamps in 1765. The first postage stamps were not issued until 1840. They were issued by Great Britain.

What year were 11 cents air mail stamps issued?

{| |- | Scott Number C78 of a plane silhoutte was issued in 1971. There were four eleven cent stamps issued, the other three were commemoratives. One is a National Park issue with a Hawaiian statue. Another is an Olympic stamp with down hill skiers and the last is Progress in Electronics showing audirons. |}

Countries with square stamps?

Almost all countries have issued square stamps. At some point or another you can find a square. The US has issued a large number of square stamps.

Are the 2008 lovebird stamps forever stamps?

No they are not Forever stamps. They were issued in 2006 and have a value of 39 cents.

What is an Australian 2 cent stamp worth?

Australia issued 2 cent stamps from 1966 to 1989. If the stamp has been used, it will not be worth much. Mint UnHinged (MUH) stamps might get up to $1.20 AUD.

What is a semi-postal stamp?

Semi-postal stamps are stamps that are issued to pay postage, but cost more than the standard postage rate. The additional money is contributed to charity. Many countries have issued such stamps on a regular basis. The US has only issued a couple such stamps.

What is the name for a page of stamps?

It would be called a sheet of stamps. Some were issued in panes.

What is the value of an Australian 1983 27 cent stamp?

There were 17 different 1983 Australian 27 cent stamps issued. Depending on the variety - Mint UnHinged = $0.30 to $0.80 AUD Fine Used = $0.20 to $0.80 AUD

In what year did the US issue its first stamps?

The US issued the first postage stamps in 1847.

How much are Sarwak stamps worth?

Depends on which stamp you have. Sarawak issued over 200+ stamps.

How many stamps were released in 1947?

There were nine stamps issued in the US in 1947. Three of them were a souviner sheet that contained two stamps.

Which is the first country who issued stamps?

Great Britain

When was the first postage stamp issued in Paris?

AnswerThe first French postage stamps were issued in 1853.

Which country has a series of postage stamps with pictures of dinosaurs?

The United States has issued a a couple of set of stamps with dinosaurs. There is a 15 stamp set issued in 1997 and a set of four issued in 1989. And Scott # 1830 has a Brontosaurus in it.

Is a two cent stamp worth anything?

2 cent stamps are issued today by the US, but 2 cent stamps have been issued since 1847. If you have one of THOSE 2 cent stamps you have a valuable stamp indeed.

What is the value of Australian 1957 Christmas stamp?

The 1957 Christmas stamps were the first Australian Christmas stamps to be issued. 1957 Australia - Christmas 3½d Scarlet - horizontal Mint UnHinged = $0.25 AUD Fine Used = $0.15 AUD 4d Purple - horizontal Mint UnHinged = $0.25 AUD Fine Used = $0.25 AUD

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