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I just got through researching this for a friend. Found some on some gun auction sites. depending on condition, its worth is between $200 and $1,300 It really depends on the grade and condition of the shotgun. The Double Gun Journal has had several articles in the last 2 years which would allow you to identify where an individual example fits into models produced. I believe that a high grade model in excellent contition would bring over $4,000. I know of a sale during the last 12 months at $3,000. It was not the best of the available grades.

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Q: What is the value of Syracuse Arms Co shotguns?
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What about US Arms Co shotguns?

the best

Value fulton 16Gauge serial 160431 double barrel?

value always depends on condition and a person interested in such a shotgun. Fulton arms co was a trademark name marked on shotguns made by W.H Davenport Fire Arms Co, Norwich, conn. It was incorporated by Hunter Arms Co, Fulton, N.Y.

Who makes WM Morse shotguns?

I was informed that' some Morsel shotguns were made by Navy Arms Co.

Who made Delphia Arms Co shotguns and where were thay made?

Delphian Arms Co shotguns distributed H&D Folsom Sporting Goods were either manufactured by Crescent Arms Co (Norwich, CN, 1892-1931) or imported from Belgium. The same name was also used by Supplee-Biddle Hardware on Fulton Model shotguns manufactured by Hunter Arms Co. (Fulton, NY, 1890-1945).

What years did George Worthington make shotguns?

George Worthington was a hardware store in Cleveland, Ohio, from about 1890 to 1935. Single barrel shotguns were marked with his name by Crescent Arms Co and double barrel shotguns by J. Stevens Arms Co.

Who made Red Chieftain Shot Guns?

Red Chieftain shotguns were made by Crescent Arms Arms Co and J Stevens Arms Co for the Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.

What is the value of my Syracuse arms co hammer double barrel shotgun ss H-1075?

50-100 USD or so

1901 wedgeway arms co shotguns need information on wedgeway arms single shot shotguns over 100 years old?

want to know where the wedgeway arms company was and what one of their single shot shotguns would be worth

Shotguns made in 1970 starting with s?

savage,springfield arms co.

When were Fulton Arms Co shotguns made?

Late 1800-early 1900

How do you find information about Russell Arms co shotguns?

You can find information about Russell Arms Co. shotguns online at places like Gun Trader or at many local gun stores. You can also find information online at Shotgun World or Arms List.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Riverside single barrel shotgun serial 961yk patented August 12 1913?

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. There is little collector interest in single barrel shotguns. Information about J Stevens Arms apply to Riverside Arms Co.

What is the value of a Forehand Arms Co of Worchester Mass shotgun dated Feb 4 1898?

These early single-shot shotguns top out at $100.

How much is a wilt shire arms co gun worth?

Wiltshire Arms was a trade used by J. Stevens on shotguns made by them. Value will depend on exact model and condition, but is not great- typically $50-$100

When did Folsom Arms Co make rifles?

Folsom Arms Co was a trade name used by H&D Folsom Arms Company (1849 - 1954). These guns were manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co (1892-1931). Shotguns marked with this name were also imported from Belgium.

Who makes Plymouth double barrel shotguns?

This name was put on shotguns by Crescent Fire Arms Co, Davis-Warner Arms Corp., and also by at least one unidentified Belgian maker for Spear and Company.

How much is a model 1929 16 gauge single shot from Eastern Arms Co worth?

'1929' is going to be a patent date, not a model number. Eastern Arms Co was not an actual manufacturer, it was a brand name used by Sears on guns they marketed, generally made by the Stevens Arms Co. Value is strictly based on its usability as a shooter, and single-barrel 16ga shotguns will generally sell for less than $100. 1929 is a model number marked on Stevens/Springfield shotguns.

Who manufactured a Central Arms Co shotgun serial 3016 with Patent Feb 10 1914?

Central Arms shotguns were made by several manufacturers, but that patent date says J Stevens Arms and Tool Co.

What is the history and value of a Berkshire double Damascus barrel shotgun with Serial No T3210754?

Berkshire shotguns were manufactured by Meriden Firearms Co, Andrew Fyrberg Mfg Co, and Crescent Fire Arms for Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis and Sears Roebuck.

Where can you find info about Rodgers Arms co double barrel shotguns?

Library, internet, gun shows.

What is the Value of a Riverside Arms Co 12 gauge double barrel shotgun dated April 20 1915?

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality double barrel shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. The values can range from $100 to $1600. Seek professional appraisal from a gunsmith or advanced collector.

Where can you find information about Volunteer Shotguns?

Volunteer and Volunteer Arms Co were trade names held by Belknap Hardware and used on guns made by Crescent Firearms Co, Crescent-Davis Arms Corp, Davis=Warner Arms Corp, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle, Harrington & Richardson Arms Co, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, and possibly other manufacturers.

What is the value of a Bay State Worcester Mass shotgun?

Bay State was a trade name used by Harrington and Richardson Arms Co. on inexpensive pocket revolvers and shotguns. If in good condition, it may have a shooter's value. But there is no collector interest.

What does the FN on a browning shotgun mean?

FN is the abbreviation for Fabrique Nationale Arms Co. of Herstal, Belgium. They made most of the A-5 shotguns and Superposed shotguns for Browning USA.

What is value of Cherokee 12 gauge shotgun?

Corrected your spelling. The name Cherokee Arms Co. was used by C. M. McClung Co. of Knoxville, Tn. H & D Folsom was a supplier to the company and their main source of U. S. shotguns was their own company, Crescent Arms Co. Folsom also supplied imported shotguns ( read Belgium ) for their customers. McClune's was not married to Folsom, they could and probably did order shotguns from other companies- who ever had the best price. The name Cherokee was roll marked on all of them.Value is based on condition, but is typically fairly low, somewhere in the $100-$125 range.