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This is a Crescent Arms shotgun and if in very good condition with most of the case color on the receiver and blue on the barrels and tight with excellent barrels it is worth about $300. H.S.B.& Co. was an importer and distributor of shotguns for Crescent and that particular gun probably has a Rooster and is made in Chicago about 1900.

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When and where was the Springfield Armory Savage shotgun manufactured no serial number on it?

Are you sure it says ARMORY and not ARMS?

What is a us armory shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

Where can you get the Baikal shotgun range with prices?

The current importer is European American Armory. You can get a catalog at

What is a genuine armory long tom 12 gauge single shot shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

Who made a New York Armory 12 gauge shotgun and when was it made?

very good question. new york arms co. is nowhere to be found. have very old 12 gauge single barrel shotgun stamped "GENUINE ARMORY STEEL" and "CHOKE BORED" "NEW YORK ARMS CO." New York Arms Co was a trade name manufactured by Crescent Firearms. Genuine Armory Steel - Choke Bored is also a Crescent marking. They also used the name Armory Gun Co.

When was the Tula Armory Model Toz-66 12 GA shotgun manufactured?

Impossible to answer without a sn. Even then....

Is there a way to tell what year a Armory Gun Co 20 ga shotgun was manufactured Gun has no serial number?


What is the manufacturers date for new long range winner shotgun with choke bored stamped on it and genuine armory steel on it?


What is the value of springfield armory xd 45acp?

In used condition,between 375-550 dollars.

Sentence with armory?

Meet me at the armory! The armory is well guarded.

What is the value of US Rifle Cal 30M1 Springfield Armory 381440?

Depending on condition, $600-$1000.

Value of springfield armory 1911 pistol?

value depends totally on overall condition of weapon. based on condition, value could be anywhere from $500 to $2500

What is an example of a sentence using the word armory?

An armory is a place to store weapons.The armory is on the western side of the fortress.They stormed the armory looking for weapons.

Chinese S.K.S taken out of a armory in the Vietnam war its never been fired and in perfect condition?

What do you want to know?

What are Remington armory 1918 bolt action rifle barrels worth?

How much Remington Armory 1918 bolt action rifle barrels are worth will depend on their condition, overall state and wear, and can range from $200 to about $800.

12ga shotgun of the armory gun co and need to know if there are any parts for these guns?

You might find parts at a gun show, but, don't hold your breath

What is a sentence for armory?

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What is a sentence using the word armory?

The armory has all the ammunition you will ever need. Meet me at the armory!

What is the value of a 1903 springfield armory rifle serial number 1324999?

it was made in 1929. value depends on overall condition.............

What are Remington armory 1918 gun barrels worth?

As of September 2013 there is not a listed value for a 1918 Remington Armory gun barrel. It is best to seek a value from a gun dealer or appraiser. Values are based on demand and condition of the piece.

What is the value and year of manufacture of a 12 gage single shotgun with victor ejector crescent fire arms co norwich CNN usa on the left side of the receiver and genuine armory steel on barrel?

Manufactured sometime between 1893 and 1932. Worth between $25 and $100 depending on condition.

If a Victor Shotgun has Genuine Armory Steel stamped on the barrel what does this mean?

Genuine Armory Steel was a mark used by Crescent Firearms, 1893-1930, and also by Meriden Fire Arms, 1905-1915. The phrase doesn't really mean anything except that the barrels are not laminated steel.

What is an armory?

An armory is a place where weapons or arms are stored.

How do you spell armory?

You can use both armoury and armory.

What is the value of a Springfield Armory 1903-A1 serial number 1329020 in very good condition?

I'll give you $300