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What is the value of a 12 gauge single shot shotgun marked 408633 - Victor Plain - American Gun Co. New York?


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Here's a link to an American Rifleman article

It is primarily about double barrel shotguns, but it also applies to your Victor Singleshot.

It was manufactured by Crescent Arms, Norwich, CT, and retailed by H & D Folsom Sporting Goods of New York City. Serial numbers don't help much on these - no one has ever tried to determine the method Crescent used to assign them or research original records (probably none exist) - but it would have been made somewhere between 1893 and 1932.


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Several different companies have used a variation of 'American Arms' over the last 100 years. Exactly how is your shotgun marked (all markings?)

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Made by the Crescent Firearms Co. If it is marked as AMERICAN GUN CO, it would be 1905-1922. If marked as CRESCENT FIREARMS is would be 1922-1930.

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It should be marked on the barrel or recieiver.

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