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When was a 12 ga shotgun American Arms made ser 380333?

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Several different companies have used a variation of 'American Arms' over the last 100 years. Exactly how is your shotgun marked (all markings?)

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Who made silver competition 12 ga shotgun for american arms?


Where can you get information about a shotgun made by Stanley Arms?

I can get information on a Stanley Arms shotgun from my brother. He is never wrong, either.

American arms inc model silver I ou 410 gauge shotgun?

can you find any information on a 410 gauge o/u by American arms inc. made in Italy? thank you

Who made champion shotgun?

Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works made a champion model shotgun.

Carolina Arms 10 Gauge Shotgun single barrel hammer?

when was the carolina arms 16 gauge single barrel shotgun made

Who made the belknap shotgun?

I believe that Savage Arms made at least some of them.

Who made the White Powder Wonder shotgun?

Stevens Arms.

Who made the volunteer shotgun?

J. Stevens Arms Company

Did Spencer arms made a 17 gauge shotgun?


Who made the Ranger double barreled shotgun?

Stevens Arms made the Ranger shotgun for Sears & Roebuck. Production ended about 1930.

When was Ithaca shotgun 432467 made and how much is it worth?

You may contact Ithaca arms and they will date your shotgun for you.

How much is a Steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by Savage Arms Corp worth?

how much is a steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by savage arms corp worth?

Who made the revelation 360 16 ga shotgun?

Savage Arms

Where was a shotgun marked Henry Leigh Arms Company made?


What is the value of a 410 shotgun over under made for American arms inc nkc-mo model silver 1 made in Italy?

A couple of hundred at best.

What is a Winchester double barrell with rabbit ears made by Russell arms co in the 1900?

If it was made by Russell Arms Co.Then it is not a Winchester shotgun.

What is the value of an American arms 10 gauge side by side shotgun?

We are going to assume you have the fairly recent import from American Arms in Missouri. Those 10ga doubles were made in Spain and will bring $400-$500 in top condition.

What is a falcon arms double barrel hammerlock shotgun 20646 made with belgium laminated steel worth?

What is a Falcon Arms double barrel Hammerlock shotgun 20646 made with belgium laminated steel worth?

What year was the Manhattan Arms Co 16 gauge shotgun serial A137960 made?

No published sn data for this shotgun.

What company made the Daniel Boone shotgun?

H&D Folsom Arms

When was a Chicago arms ser 401141 shotgun made?

No published sn data

Who made Eagle Arms side by side shotgun?

Your shotgun was made by MAVI di Salvinelli , Brescia, Gardone, VT, Italy and imported by Eagle Arms of New York, NY. Both of these firms are no longer in business.

What year was the JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun made?

The JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun was made from 1912 to 1932. However, there were no guns made by the company from 1916 until 1920.

Who made the western field model XNH565-F shotgun?

This model was made by Noble Arms Co. and was based on their model 60-66 which was a pump shotgun.

When was a J Stevens Arms tool Co shotgun model 285 made?