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Is it a SILVER dollar or a SILVER-COLORED dollar? There were proof and uncirculated versions packaged and sold by the mint in collector sets that were 40% silver and these are worth $5-$10 if still in the original holders. There were also copper-nickel proof and uncirculated mint sets and these are worth $3-$5. But if it's a coin that was released for circulation, even if in uncirculated condition, it's worth $1.

Also, some early versions of the coins struck in 1975 had bold (thicker) lettering on the reverse side. These are somewhat more valuable than the more common cons with thinner lettering.

The mintage of these 1776-1976 dollars was over 200 million coins -- much higher than for any other year of this series. Therefore they are considered common. Although the bicentennial design was only used for one year on these Eisenhower dollars, the Mint actually produced them for two years -- 1975 & 1976 -- which is why there are no dollars dated 1975.

Be on the look out of the very rare 1976-s silver proof type 2 Ike dollar. This silver proof may or may not come with the ( S ) mint mark. It is listed in the red book and you will also see there is no value for this coin listed showing how rare it is.

Not too long ago I saw several rolls of uncirculated Eisenhower dollars from the early 1970's auctioned and the average price was $1.15, so after the auctioneer took his 20% commission, the seller was left with 92 cents.

All of the large Eisenhower dollars struck for circulation are face value only. Only proof and uncirculated collectors coins sold from the Mint have premiums

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Q: What is the value of a 1776-1976 US silver dollar?
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