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actually it was Star Furniture Company 1905-1918 then it became Michigan Star Furniture Company 1919-1922, if you would send pics to they could help you or 616-654-5709

2009-12-08 15:20:48
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What is the value of a dining room suit made by H E Shaw Furniture Company Grand Rapids Michigan?


Does H E Shaw Furniture Company Grand Rapids Michigan still exist?

No, the were in business starting 1911 unit 1933

Who is the founder of Herman miller furniture company?

DJ (Dirk Jan) DePree is the company's founder. In 1909 DJ joined then Michigan Star Furniture Company (founded in 1905) and rose to become its manager, buying the company in 1923 with the help of his father-in-law, Herman Miller, and renaming the company in honor of his benefactor.

When was White Furniture Company created?

White Furniture Company was created in 1905.

What types of furniture does the Cotswold Furniture Company provide?

The Cotswold furniture company provides different types of furniture for your home. Cotswold also specializes in wood furniture specifically oak and pine.

Did Sumter furniture company go out of business?

I heard that Sumter Furniture Company did go out of business.

When was Bagby Furniture Company Building created?

Bagby Furniture Company Building was created in 1907.

When was Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers created?

Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers was created in 1951.

When was Michigan Car Company created?

Michigan Car Company was created in 1864.

When did Michigan Car Company end?

Michigan Car Company ended in 1892.

Who makes the furniture for club furniture?

the company that makes the furniture. example Muebles Mobinsa.

Where is the Century Furniture company located?

The Century Furniture company is located in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. Century Furniture was formed in 1947 and sell a wide range of custom furniture.

what does the term BDI furniture mean?

BDI is the name of a furniture company. They make furniture for home theater areas. BDI stands for their company name.

How can I safely ship furniture?

It is best to use a specialty furniture shipping company to keep your furniture safe. Craters & Freighters is a great specialty furniture shipping company that should prevent your furniture from becoming cracked or ruined.

Best Furniture Company in Dubai?

Sandalyeci is the best furniture company in Dubai that offers a wide range of hotel furniture with innovative designs and robust materials.materials.

Is the Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS device made in the USA?

The garmin forerunner is not made in the USA. For complete information on the forerunner 301 gps device system try visiting the company website

Is National Mt Airy Furniture Co still in business?

I believe the company was acquired by the Bassett Furniture Company.

What company in 1888 became the first furniture manufacturer in nc?

1888 The first furniture manufacturer in North Carolina was High Point Furniture Company. But the furniture towns were High Point, Lexington, and Thomasville.

Can I customize sectional outdoor funiture?

There are lots of locations in Detroit, Michigan that sell customized sectional outdoor furniture. You can use major companies like Home Depot but you would probably find better deals by using a local furniture company.

When was Michigan Central Bridge Company created?

Michigan Central Bridge Company was created in 1896.

When did Michigan Central Bridge Company end?

Michigan Central Bridge Company ended in 1898.

When was reid furniture established?

Reid Furniture is a retail Sottish furniture company. It was originally established in 1970. It was originally established as a trading company and later went into retail.

Do you sell outdoor furniture?

There are many places that sell outdoor furniture. I am from a company that sells outdoor furniture.

What types of furniture is sold by the company Hall Furniture?

The type of furniture that is sold by the company Hall Furniture is anything from bedrooms to dinning room sets. They have beds, dressers, tables, chairs couches and much more.

Where is the company of Ford based?

The Ford Motor Company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.