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What is the value of a 1917 penny with no mint mark?


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1917 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents. In circulated condition, it's worth about 5 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $10.00


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2002 mint sets in original package have a value of $15.00 to $20.00. The penny has never had a P mint mark.

Is it a US penny? If so is there a mint mark?

The mint mark does not determine the value of a coin. If you have a penny and want to know what it is worth, please submit a new question and include the date on your penny as well as the mint mark.

If you're referring to an American 1¢ coin: > No mint mark under the date - 15 to 35 cents depending on condition. > D mint mark - 50 cents to $4.00 > S mint mark - 40 cents to $2.00 If you mean a British penny, about $5 in average condition.

A 1914 penny with no mint mark is worth about $1.50.

So very many were made is just a penny

1917 Wheat Penny: With no mint mark, in good condition is worth $0.20, uncirculated is worth $25.00. With D mint mark, in good condition is worth $0.25, uncirculated is worth $110.00. With S mint mark, in good condition is worth $0.40, uncirculated is worth $125.00.

There is no such thing as a "wheat head penny". Assuming you are referring to a 1917 Lincoln cent, its value depends on its condition and mint mark. See the Related Link for "Lincoln cent prices" to the right. In circulated condition, you'll get about 5-10 cents for it.

A 1943 steel penny with no mintmark can be worth $.35 - $1.50

Value will vary depending on condition and mint mark. About $0.35

Only a penny, they don't have any really collectors value. The only value would be if the coin is uncirculated ($.35 with no mint mark, $.10 with S or D mint mark), proof is worth $1.00.

The lack of a mint mark means it was struck in Philadelphia, and value is 1 cent.

AnswerThe mint mark is a "D" (for "Denver"), not an "O".Please see the Related Question for more information.

Regardless of which mint mark it has, values are 5 to 10 cents. Uncirculated coins are a dollar or less.

8 to 20 cents depending on condition.

The mint mark is below the date.

Value ranges from less than $1 to $24,000 depending upon the condition of the coin and which mint mark or mint mark error is on the coin.

1939 Lincoln with no mint mark, average value is 5 to 10 cents.

No mint mark means it's from Philadelphia. A penny from that year is worth around 3-10 cents on average.

1911 with no mint mark in good condition is worth $.20, uncirculated is worth $30.00, proof is worth $275.00.

No mint mark means it was minted in Philadelphia. 1956 is a common date, and the coin is currently worth 3 cents.

There's never been an E mint mark on US coins. Please check again - if there's a mint mark under the date it will be either D or S.

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