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No US silver dollars were minted in 1919. Production of silver dollars was suspended at the end of 1904 and not resumed until 1921.

If your coin has a picture of Miss Liberty and a sun on the front, please turn it over and check the back. It's a half dollar, not a silver dollar. There's more at the Related Question.

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A real silver dollar has a $25.00 value just for the silver.

what is the current value of an 1878 silver dollar

Sorry no US silver dollar coins dated 1826

No US dollar coins dated 1975 were struck

No US silver dollars were made after 1935, look at the back of the coin for 'Half Dollar'.

The US never printed 100 dollar silver certificates with this date.

These coins contain no silver and are worth only face value.

Value is for the silver about $2.50

The first US Dollar coin was struck in 1794

There was no silver dollar in the US made in 1957. It might be a half dollar. These are usually worth about $10-15.

No such coin was minted by the US mint.

They didn't mint 1920 US silver dollars.

Sorry, no US Silver Dollars dated 1809

The first US silver dollar was made in 1794, check the coin again and post new question.

The US did not print any two dollar silver certificates after 1899.

The blue seal indicates your bill is a silver certificate, a form of paper money issued until the early 1960s. Please see the question "What is the value of a 1935 A US 1 dollar silver certificate?" for more information.

A denomination is needed. Please see the questions "What is the value of a 1934 A US 5 dollar silver certificate?" and "... US 10 dollar ..." for more information.

As of Oct. 2012 the value of a 1881-S US dollar graded MS-63 is $65.

It's about $25.00 just for the silver. The dent kills the collectible value.

The only US dollar coin with a date of 1984 is a commemorative Olympic Coliseum silver dollar and has a retail value of $16.00.

Look at the coin again and post new question, no US one dollar silver coins were made in 1809

There are no series letters on 1934 $1 silver certificates. For more information about values see the question "What is the value of a 1934 US 1 dollar silver certificate?"

If the coin is a US Kennedy half dollar dated 1974 it has no silver in it and is face value.

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