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What is the value of a 1935 1 dollar silver certificate?


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As of 02/2010, retail values for circulated bills are as follows. The letter shown is the series letter, if any, that appears right next to the date, NOT either letter next to the serial number.

Before the 1980s, bills' dates were only changed when there was a significant design revision. The 1935 series was one of the longest-issued of any U.S. currency. Bills with that date were printed into the early 1960s, with only a series letter change to mark different Treasury Secretaries or Treasurers.

1935 : $4-$7 in circulated condition, $18 or more if uncirculated.

1935 A,B,C,D : $2.25-$3.00 / $13.00

1935 E,F : $1.50 / $7.00

1935 G w/out motto "In God We Trust" : $2.25-$3.00 / $10

1935 G w/ motto "In God We Trust" : $4-$6 / $18

1935H : $1.50 / $7.00

Special 1935 A bills were overprinted with HAWAII or NORTH AFRICA for use in those areas during WWII. The overprinting allowed them to be quickly devalued if they fell into enemy hands. These are more valuable:

HAWAII: $10 - $40 / $135

NORTH AFRICA: $10 - $20 / $200

Please see the link below for more information

That motto was only added to $1 bills starting in 1957, so it's perfectly normal for series A to early-G bills not to carry it.

It's normally not necessary to provide a bill's serial number. Serial numbers are counters and a security feature but rarely affect a bill's value. Some collectors will pay extra for numbers with a special pattern, e.g. 12345678, or low numbers such as 00000015.