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What is the value of a 1964 US dime?


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1964 is the most common date for silver dimes. In circulated condition its value is based only on the silver it contains, about 0.07 troy oz. Precious-metal prices change every day so any specific dollar value posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest spot prices and just multiply by 0.07. A dealer will pay half to 2/3 of that amount.

If the coin is uncirculated its value as of 07/2011 would be in the $4 to $10 range for the most commonly-found grades, but an absolutely top of the line coin (graded MS67) could sell for as much as $80.


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A 1964 US dime is so common most are valued only for the silver at about a dollar.

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An uncirculated 1964 dime is worth $1.35.

The value of a 1964 dime is approximately $3.00. Unfortunately the date on the coin does not matter as much as the amount of silver in the coin.

what is the value for an American 1909 silver dime

No such thing as a 'sample dime'. Be specific and post new question.

The 1964 Roosevelt dime is the most common of all silver dimes, it's worth about $2.00 only for the silver.

100000000000$ you are rich! joke

Queen Elizabeth is not on the US dime!

The value of a US dime marked "ten centavos" is zero, since it is a fake. A real US dime is marked "one dime," not "ten centavos."

So many were made the value is for just the silver.

a 1917 us dime is called a mercury dime. its not that rare so it is worth about a dollar

From 1837 to 2010 all US dimes have the phrase "ONE DIME" on the reverse so if it has a date of 1964 or earlier it's 90% silver and worth at least $1.00 for the silver in it.

Current average retail value is $28.00. Issue price was $2.10.

For a 1964 dime, only a "D" mintmark is possible, so many were made that value is just for the silver, about a dollar.

If it's a US dime dated 1964 or before it's silver

A 1988 dime is worth 10 cents.

It's worth around $2.25 for its silver content.

So many were made the value is for just the silver, about $2.00.

If it is a US dime, it isn't silver. Silver stopped being used in dimes after 1964, so any dime dated 1965 or later is struck in copper-nickel and are only worth face value.

The US discontinued its half-dime denomination in 1873.

The 1965 dime is a Roosevelt dime. This dime does not carry a mint mark and there were 1,652, 140,000 of them minted in the U.S. They have a value of between 10 cents and 2 dollars.

There is 2.25 grams of silver in a 1964 dime.

The British have never produced a "Dime" coin. The "Dime" is a US 10 cent coin.

A US dime dated 1944 is a Mercury head dime, it's very common with a value of $2.00 just for the silver.

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