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What is the value of a 1972D Dime that has one side heads and the other is blank?


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2005-01-09 00:47:35
2005-01-09 00:47:35

This could happen if two planchets got into the die together (there will be a matching error with the tails side but no heads). It would have to be examined by an expert to verify that it is an actual mint error. That will cost you about $40 for an official certification. I don't deal with error coins often, but would estimate that such a coin would bring $50 or so if certified.


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sadly their is no addec value so its worth 1 penny

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This could happen if two blank planchets got into the press together, causing on to get stamped with only the heads side, and the other to get stamped with only the tails side. This is a relatively rare error, and could be worth $50 to $100 or more. This could also be a normal quarter that somebody has altered. If it weighs significantly less than 5.67 grams, then I would say that it has been altered and has no added value.

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The circle is damage and adds nothing to the value of the coin. But it's still 50 cents.

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