What is the value of a 1987 Hamilton collection golden classics collection plate?

I can't tell you the value of your plate, but I can tell you how to find out. Plates like the Hamilton collector plates are sold on the secondary collectible market. The collectible market is a little like the stock market because the prices of items go up and down. Each year a books are put out with the values of collectibles from dolls to china. There is a book for collectible plates and the books are broken down into brands like Hamilton with a listing for the plates according to the name of the plates. The listings give the current market value at the time of printing of each item. The value of a plate or collectible can change depending on several factors. The major factors that effect price are the number of the item, if the original box is with the plate/collectible and if all the papers that came with the plate/collectible are still with the item. The price goes down without the proper box or papers. Also how much the plate/collectible is wanted by buyers is another factor. If it is considered a rare item the price goes up. One way to do a fast check on collectibles is go on eBay and look for items for sale like yours. This will give you an idea if people want it and how much they are willing to pay.