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it depends on model,condition and guage so a guess would be between $500 and $1,000

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What is a 20 gauge over under serial S576592 superior made in Japan by the Miroku co worth 12 gauge superior?

100-400 or so

Where can you buy new over-under barrels for a Charles Daly 12g serial s551905?

What is the value of a Charles daly over and under 12 gauge shotgun serial number 711859?

I have a charles daly 711907 and would like to know as well.

What year was the Charles Daly over and under commander 100 16 ga made in Belgium serial?

No published sn data.

Where can I find out about my Model 800 Charles Daly Miroku 12 ga over and under serial number S301025A What year was it made Is it a Superior grade?

The firm B.C. Miroku of Tokyo, Japan made the Charles Daly name of over and under shotguns from 1963 to 1976. Not a lot is known about this firearm, as retaining data apparently was not thought important when they were being sold. This shotgun has a value of around $700.

What is the manufacture date for a browning a5 japan made light 12 shotgun with a serial number 08908nm211? has sn data under customer service.

What age and model number please of a BC Miroku shotgun serial 341909?

Miroku guns made under their name does not have serial info published. Winchester, Charles Daly and Browning have all been made by Miroku in the past. Do you have a model?

What is the value of a 12 gauge Charles Daly over under serial 86538 it is a sporting clay gun?

I just traded for a Charles Daly Superior II, and I did some research on it I have seen It selling for around $800, but I've also read that it all depends on the serial number and they can be valued any where from $250-$8000. I really cant find anything about the serial numbers, mine is 89072, so If you end up finding info on the serial number please share.

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What is the value of a Charles daly bc miroku over under shotgun serial number 590553?

In like "new condition", expect to pay around $1000 in a retail store.

Was Mongolia under control of japan in 1942?

Yes, Mongolia was under control of Japan in 1942 when WWII.

What is the worth of Charles Daly over and under shotgun Superior Grade serial number 113000 that was made in 1984?

Without knowing the finish and current condition. 100-1000 USD

What is a browning over under serial?

Check under the top lever.

Where is serial on marlin 336rc?

The serial number on marlin 336rc is under the lever of the gun

When was Japan under British rule?

Britain never ruled Japan.

Where is the serial number on a Kawasaki KLF220?

the serial number is on the front of the frame under the rack and the vin number is on the left side under the shifter on the frame

What is the serial for hamsterball and customer name?

It depends on what you have, and what you have it registered under. Every serial number is different.

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Why do tsunamis mostly occur in Japan?

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What model is it serial number 73422?

You will have to go to and search all the serial numbers listed under all the models under customer service to find out.

What is a Diana grade 12 g over under serial?

It's a high end setup for a Browning shotgun. You can find the serial number under the tang.

When was browning Belgian made over and under manufactured serial?

You must provide the serial number in order to get an answer.

Where is serial number on Belmont barber chair?

Mine had a serial number tag just under the seat

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