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Hello Bill, Your question must be more specific as to the type and model of the Remington in question. ie pistol, rifle, or shotgun? which model? Then the condition, and even the finish, or how much of it is left will have a bearing on the value. The prime value will be the firearm itself. The fact that it was taken on the Trail of Tears will add a few dollars to the value, but only if such use can be documented. The best place to get the value on any Remington is the Remington Society of America web site. They have folks who specialize in all of the different types and models that Remington made. Good luck in your search. Dan P. If you are speaking of the trail of tears tribute rifle, I have seen them anywhere from 400.00 to 900.

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Q: What is the value of a Cherokee Trail of Tears Remington?
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