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The description of the weapon is far too vague to give an opinion I presume this is a hammer gun, is 1. Percussion 2. Pinfire or 3. breach loading Does it have any proof marks. If it is an antique ie 1 or 2 it may be worth something

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Q: What is the value of a Hartford Firearms Co 12ga dbl barrell with dog ear hammers firing pins screw made for caps that says genuine army steel on the barrel?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrell Hartford shotgun serial 148914?

what is the value of a Hartford double barrell 12 gage shotgun with duel over head hammers great condition


What do you want to know? How much is a W. Moore Double Barrell with Hammers worth.Really OLD?

Double barrell shotgun with hammers. marked Charles rodgers London fine twist between barrels. can you tell me anything about it?

charles roges shotgun

What is an American gun company 12 gauge double barrell shotgun with hammers worth serial 69587?

Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

What is the value of a Russell Firearms Co side-by-side double barrel shotgun with double hammers?

$100 to $250, depending on condition.

Double barrell 12ga trigger assemble part possible broken firingpin spring.old Stevens shotgun old style gun with out rabbit ears hammers?


Is there a parts and instruction catalog or information sheet for an American Arms 12 gauge with hammers double barrell shotgun serial number 133024 available. .?

Unlikely. Try

Were to buy a 8 gauge shotgun?

I have a w. Moore Double Barrell 8 ga. with Hammers. Very Old. 850-742-0288 Don, or 870-565-5985 Larry

Long Tom 8 gauge shotgun?

I have a Old W. Moore Double Barrell Shotgun 8 ga. with Hammers. 850-742-0288 Don OR 870-565-5985 Larry

What is a double barrel 20 gauge with external hammers made by Crescent Firearms worth?

Are the hammers on the back of the lock or on the sides? The first is probably a shooter worth $100 - $200 depending on condition. The second is a wall decoration with about the same value.

How old is a double barrell 410 exposed hammers shotgun?

The first thing is :Does it "open" with a lever so a shell can be placed in the barrell? If so, It could be from 1915 back to the 1880's. If it does not "open" then it is a muzzeloader and must be loaded from the front of the barrell. These usually start in the 1880's and go back to the 1700's. There are "Reproductions" of old guns that may look old but are not. Any good gunsmith can tell you...............Mossygeramp

What is a Hartford Firearms double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with dual hammers worth?

Between $50 and $250 depending on manufacture date, style and condition. They were made between 1880 and 1930. "Higher end" models included a checkered walnut stock and laminated steel barrels. They were overall an economy grade shotgun, originally made by Crescent Firearms then sold to many other companies and stores who stamped they're particular name on the gun. Hope this helps

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