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What is the value of a Knickerbocker shotgun?


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2005-04-21 15:22:00
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If it needs a stock and forearm, it's not worth much. If it is a boxlock with fluid steel barrels, fully functional and OK'd by an experienced gunsmith, it would be worth $200+ as a shooter. If it has laminated barrels and side hammers, it might bring $125-$150 as a mantle decoration. Like any other machine 80+ years old, parts are where you find them. Your local gunsmith can probably find wood that will fit or can be made to fit. To be a decorator, it would be enough to repair the existing stocks with Elmer's glue and wood filler if that is possible.


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KNICKERBOCKER shotguns in 12ga generally sell for around $300. There were several variations.

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50-200 USD. Trade name used by J Stevens on their Model 311

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The Knickerbocker was made by Cresent, but under the Folsom House Brand. A great recourse for shotgun information can be found in a book called "The Golden Age of Shotgunning" by Bob Hinman. GK & Associates, LLC

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1930's is the best I've gottin looking for a better answer

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