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If it needs a stock and forearm, it's not worth much. If it is a boxlock with fluid steel barrels, fully functional and OK'd by an experienced gunsmith, it would be worth $200+ as a shooter. If it has laminated barrels and side hammers, it might bring $125-$150 as a mantle decoration. Like any other machine 80+ years old, parts are where you find them. Your local gunsmith can probably find wood that will fit or can be made to fit. To be a decorator, it would be enough to repair the existing stocks with Elmer's glue and wood filler if that is possible.

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Q: What is the value of a Knickerbocker shotgun?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge Knickerbocker shotgun serial 68535 with a full choke in both barrels?

KNICKERBOCKER shotguns in 12ga generally sell for around $300. There were several variations.

What is the value of a Knickerbocker double barreled shotgun?

50-200 USD. Trade name used by J Stevens on their Model 311

What is a knickerbocker 20 gauge double barrel shotgun worth?

50-100 or so

Where can you get a replacement gun stock for a antique Knickerbocker Double Barrel shotgun?

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Information and parts for knickerbocker shotgun made by American gun co?

try numrich gun parts

Where can you get parts for an American Gun Company Knickerbocker 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

Pretty much an impossible undertaking.

What is information on the Knickerbocker 12 gauge side by side hammerless shotgun made by Crescent Firearm Company?

The Knickerbocker was made by Cresent, but under the Folsom House Brand. A great recourse for shotgun information can be found in a book called "The Golden Age of Shotgunning" by Bob Hinman. GK & Associates, LLC

How much is a 12 gauge knickerbocker double barrel shotgun serial 204002 worth?

@ 100 USD depending on condition.

Double barrel shotgun American Gun Co Knickerbocker model Where can you find info on it and what would the approx value be It has a 5 digit serial number?

no it has a 4 digit serial # Knickerbocker came from 2 different companies. The American Gun Company, New York, stamped a five digit serial number on the barrel, forestock and stock end.

When was The Knickerbocker created?

The Knickerbocker was created in 1833.

When did The Knickerbocker end?

The Knickerbocker ended in 1859.

What is the value of browning shotgun serial 436545?

Impossible to value with just the serial number and "shotgun".

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