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What is the value of a Little Scout 22 Long Rifle Pat July 2 07?

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A version of the 'Favorite' series of boy's rifle, either the #14 or #14 1/2. In mint condition they can bring $400 plus, but in typical condition less than half that.

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What is a little scout 22 long rifle pat. July 1907 worth?

10-100 USD or so

Are there parts available for the little scout 14 12 22 long rifle Pat July 2 07?

You can check with Numrich on their website as gunpartscorp, but this rifle has been out of production for many years, and parts are NT commonly available- sorry.

What is the value of a J Stevens Model 14 1-2 Little Scout 22 long rifle Pat July 2 1907?

Depends on originality and condition. Most of these rifles were used and abused, since the target demographic was teenage (or younger) boys. Typical Little Scout rifles sell in the $150 range. Truly mint examples are very rare and would reach over $400.

What is the date the Little Scout 22 was made It says July 2 07 is that 1807 or 1907?

it is 1907

What is a Little Scout long rifle 14 12 pat July 2 l907 worth?

This is a very common .22 made by Stevens as a boys rifle. Discontinued in 1932, tons were made, however they were also abused. The value depends on its condition and age. The older and better shape the more its worth. In excellent condition. No rust, no dings or dents and still shoots, operates and looks good it should fetch $300.00 or more. Start deducting from there for cosmetic issues. If parts are missing its only value will be for spare parts...

How can you find out about your J Stevens Little Scout 22-long rifle Pat date of July 2 '07?

This was a version of the stevens favorite model single shot rifles.Your stevens model little scout was the model 14 1/2.these were made from 1909-1936.They came with either a 18in.or a 20in barrel,and a rolling breech block action with iron sights.I hope this helps?

What rifles did savage produce in the .22 caliber?

little scout 22 caliber longnrifle July 2 07.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co Little Scout 22 long rifle pat July 2 1907?

The Stevens Little Scout came in two varieties -- the Model 14 with a one-piece stock and the later Model 14-1/2 with separate buttstock and forearm. The Model 14 is quite rare and brings $150 on up, depending on condition. The Model 14-1/2 is much more common. Guns in average condition can be found for as little as $100; specimens in excellent condition can carry asking prices as high as $500. A typical gunshow price in 2005 is in the neighborhood of $175 to $275.

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What is the value of a Stevens Junior model 11 22 long rifle pat July 7 1907?

The general price range online is $150-$175 usd. Randy

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