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my son just purchased one this past Sat. for 300$ with a Leupold 2x7x40 shotgun scope. the gun is in mint condition and has been fired very little. the scope was also used and I think he could have bought the gun alone for around 200$ we knew nothing of the gun til we ran across it.

2011-10-18 22:20:41
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Q: What is the value of a Marlin 512P Slugmaster shotgun in good condition about seven years old?
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What is the Value of marlin model 995 with micro groove barrel has scope 22 LR?

Really, it depends on the condition of the gun. A marlin model 995 in good condition, with the original walnut stock should be worth between $90-$140.The addition of a scope depending on brand could add another $5-150. For instance, you could have a cheap Tasco scope or a more expensive Leupold.I actually just purchased a 995 at a gun/knife show yesterday in about 7/10 condition with (2) seven round clips for $110 out the door. The vendor had it labeled for $125.Hope this helps.

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