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What is the value of a Montgomery Wards Model 1929 Hercules shotgun?

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2007-02-11 04:23:53

I have the same, purchased by my Grandpa and having been in my

family since new. Upon giving me the shotgun, my Mother consulted a

gun dealer and he put the value at only $75 for it's good, very

little rust, and still shootable condition. With this low of a

value, she gave it to me to keep passing on as a family piece

rather than sell. Have you found anything out somewhere else?

Thanks! That dealer was right. Although it is a good solid firearm,

it's just another Stevens single shot wearing a suit from

Montgomery Wards. If it's a 410, it might bring a little more, but

for less than $100 you can get a similar gun with a manufacturer's


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