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I have the same, purchased by my Grandpa and having been in my family since new. Upon giving me the shotgun, my Mother consulted a gun dealer and he put the value at only $75 for it's good, very little rust, and still shootable condition. With this low of a value, she gave it to me to keep passing on as a family piece rather than sell. Have you found anything out somewhere else? Thanks! That dealer was right. Although it is a good solid firearm, it's just another Stevens single shot wearing a suit from Montgomery Wards. If it's a 410, it might bring a little more, but for less than $100 you can get a similar gun with a manufacturer's warrantee.

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Q: What is the value of a Montgomery Wards Model 1929 Hercules shotgun?
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Was there a Hercules side by side shotgun ever made?

Manufactured by Iver Johnson or J. Stevens for Montgomery Wards.

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when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

Who made the wards Hercules model SD108 shotgun?

We cant verify the SD108 model number, however: The "Hercules" was the trade name used by the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for the Montgomery Ward Co. Of Chicago. The "Hercules" made for Wards was a copy of the Iver Johnson "Champion" model which is a single shot shotgun with exposed hammer. They were made between 1909 and 1956.

What is the value of a Wards Hercules 51 double barrel shotgun?

I'm not sure of the value of your shotgun. I have a Montgomery Wards Hercules, double barrel shotgun, with external hammers. With all the research I have done it is a Stevens 217. I have been looking for a set of barrels for this gun. Can you describe your gun to me. Petter

Where can you get parts for your Montgomery ward western field pump action shotgun model m550?

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When was the Western Field Montgomery Ward M55ocd shotgun made and what is its value?

The Western Field model 550C was manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

Who made the model number 30sb662a western field 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Your shotgun was made by savage/stevens for montgomery wards(westernfield).

Who made Western Field 12 Ga Shotguns for Montgomery Wards circa 1960?

Most likely Mossberg made your shotgun,but I cannot be sure unless you give the model number of your Wards shotgun.

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50-100 or so

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Your shotgun was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards Company(Westernfield).The Mossberg model 500ab is the same shotgun as yours.

Who made westernfield shotgun model 600a eri serial number 04756v?

The Western Field model 600 ERI shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by Remington.The Remington model SPT-58 is the same shotgun as yours.

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What is the value of a 1929 Model Montgomery Ward Hercules 410 shotgun?

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