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What is the value of a Ranger Model 34A in fair to good condition?


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30-60 USD or so


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The value of your 1972/73 vintage Model 94 is relatively low, especially in "fair" condition. Typical value is $100 - $150.

Less than $100. If in only 'fair' condition, about $50.

The model 100 was made between 1940 and 1950. In FAIR condition it is worth between $115 to $160.

$250-$350, depending on exact model and condition.

Around $380 in fair condition. But, this can change a lot.

fair condition approx $100. USD.........very good condition approx $175. USD

The value of a Winchester model 1874 30 WCF SN 409XXX is $600 in fair condition. In excellent condition it is valued at $900.

What condition is the pistol in. Is it working? Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very good or Excellent condition? without more information I can not give you an estimate of value. It is in fair condition. In Fair condition it is worth $25 - $40. They were made in 3 different variations from 1964-1981. Model 38C (Combat) The owners and parts manual is still available on Crosman's home page.

What model is it? Recommend looking at the Blue Book of firearms

it has a wood stock with a small chip shotgun is in fair condition

Colman did not make a model 66, Crosman did. In fair working condition it is worth around $25-$35.

This model was made between 1966 to 1983 in fair condition it is worth between $45 - $70

200-350 dollars for a Winchester model 1894 rifle in the condition that you describe.

What is the vaule for a singer model 27 sewing machine in fair condition.

The market value would depend on what year and model it is and the condition it is in. For example: a 2009 Chrysler Sebring Cnvertible Limited in excellent condition has a fair market value of $33,038.

The Winchester 270 1965 model 70, serial number 747048 is valued at $600 in excellent condition. In fair condition, its value is $375. In poor condition, its value is $250.

In fair condition, you can expect $150-$250.

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

Depending upon condition: 100%/NIB $185, fair condition (60%) $80

The Benjamin model 342 ( Currently owned by Crosman Airgun Co) was made between 1969 - 92. In fair working condition it is worth between $50-$70.

Model 930 is the Nickel plated version of the 929 - value depends upon condition: fair condition $50 to Excellent condition $250

The Model 104 was made in 1949. Unfortunately you did not state the condition of the Rifle so no estimate of value can be given. Does it still work? Is it in excellent condition, very good, good, fair or poor condition. You need to give me more information before I can give you an estimate of value.

value depends on overall condition. fair, good, excellent, like new...............

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