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Q: What is the value of a Stevens Model 620 pump?
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What is the value of a Stevens Full 12 gauge pump model 14582?

That is not a model number, but is likely the serial number. Unless you have a Model 620 US marked Trench Gun, Stevens pump shotguns have little collectors value.

What is the age and value of a 16 gauge shotgun engraved Stevens Browning made by J Stevens Arms Model 620?

The Model 620 was produced from 1926-1945.

What is the value of a Stevens Browning 12 gauge shot gun model 620 pump action?

50-250 USD or more depending on specifics

How does a Stevens 620 operate?

Pump action

Where is the serial number on the browning Stevens arms model 620 pump action shotgun?

Check the receiver and barrel.

Which pump gun shotgun went through the most changes during its life span?

stevens model 620

What is the age and value of a Stevens 16 gauge shotgun model number 620 made in Chicopee Falls Mass?

what is the value

What is the value of a Stevens browning model 620 12ga made by j Stevens arms co chicopee falls mass serial you U78014?

$75-$200 depending on condition

What length shells for Stevens model 620?

2 3/4

What is the value of a Stevens-Browning model 620 20 gauge?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings, finish and overall condition

When did Stevens start making the Model 620 shotgun?

I am presently looking at buying a model 620 pump and have found the manufacture dates to be approximately 1927 to 1954. Good solid guns. At least the one I am looking at is. All machined parts, no stampings at all.

How do you get a newused stock for a M60 ward's western field shotgun?

Try searching for a Savage model 620A or Stevens 620 stock on ebay, or The model M060 Westernfield is a Stevens 620, while a Westernfield model 60 is the Savage 620A

How much is a Stevens Browning 16 gauge model 620 worth?

About 100.00

Who was the original manufacturer of the wards western field 12GA shotgun pump 28 vented rib barrel model 60-sb620-a?

It's a Stevens 620.

Why won't the pump action work on a Stevens 620 shotgun?

Did you push the little button next to the safety?

What year was the Stevens Browning model 620 16 gauge shotgun manufactured?


What is the value of a savage arms corporation 12 gauge model 620 shotgun?

what year was model 620- serial# 11240 made

What is the difference between a Stevens Model 620 and a 620-A?

The 620 was the original production run, the same gun with minor variations would be the second run and there for the -A. I have a Savage model 1899. This gun was run all the way up to 1899-M

What is the Value of Stevens browning 620 serial number 6799?

This is really a Stevens / not Browning. These usually sell for $125-$300 depending on condition

Value of 12 gauge savage shotgun?

model 620-a

Where can you find information on a Wards Western Field model 60-SB620-A?

Looking atThe GunDigest Book of Firearms Assmbly and Disassembly, it appears that western Field Model 30 SB562A is the same as a Stevens Model 520 which was made from 1915 to 1930. Very similar models of Stevens (620 and 621) were made from1927-1953. My best bet on Western Field is that it is either a Model 620 or 621. The 520 was also sold as a Sears "Ranger' model so Western Field was probably a 620 or 621. the cross reference for the SB620A Westernfield is the 620 Stevens. Check it out on http.//www/

Where can you find a stock for a savage-stevens model 620 16 gage shotgun?

How much is a Stevens C20-A 12 gauge pump shotgun worth?

Poor stampings lead people to believe the model is a C20-A when it's really a 620-A. Values are $200 in excellent condition and $75 in poor condition.

Value stevensbrowning 12 ga pump mod 620?

100-300 US dollars

Why does my Stevens Model 620 have 2 GA stamped on the barrel instead of 12 GA?

evidently a misprint, may be worth something to a collector.