What is the value of a Winchester Model 21 410 made as a 410 and not a converted 20 gauge in approximately 95 percent condition?

Somewhat depends on the era it was made. The .410 was not introduced in the Model 21 until the mid-1950's, and fewer than 50 were made in .410 through 1959. After Model 21 moved into the Custom Shop, only FIVE true .410 guns were made through 1982 when US Repeating Arms took over. Very few total USRAC Model 21's were produced in any gauge, with .410 and 28ga being the fewest. Currently, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing make the Model 21 to order. A true Model 21 in .410 can command $25000-$75000. ANYbody contemplating purchasing one of these really should research the specific gun and have it thoroughly checked for originality and condition. These guns are almost certainly all well-known guns with established sale records. An 'undiscovered' Model 21 in .410 would be very suspicious. sales@countrygunsmith.net