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$300 to $400, depending on the market.


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Your Winchester ranger model 94 which was made in the year 1986,will bring between 300-350 dollars in the condition you describe.

A Winchester model 94 ranger which was made in the year 1986,will bring around 300-350 dollars,for a rifle in the condition you describe.these rifles were made from 1985-2006,so yours was one of the earlier made rifles.

A Winchester model 1894 ranger in that condition is worth 395 dollars.The serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 ranger was a first year made rifle.It was produced in 1985.Winchester made the ranger model from 1985-2006.

i bought one for a 100$ in some what good condition

100-400 USD depending on condition.

In the condition that you describe,your Winchester Ranger 30-30 rifle will be valued at between 200-275 dollars on today,s market.

your Winchester model 120 ranger shotgun is worth between 90-150 dollars,depending on overall condition.

if in good condition its worth $200.00 to $ 275.00

Your Winchester ranger 94 rifle which was made in 1992 will bring between 150-225 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

The Winchester model 1894 ranger is selling for between 150-275 dollars depending on overall condition of the rifle and a good bore.

90-150 dollars depending on overall condition.

in good condition, anywhere from $450-$600.

if its in really good condition it will be woth around 4000-9000 dollars

If you are talking about a Winchester model 1894 ranger,then it was made by Winchester in 1992-1993.

Your winchester model 1894 ranger was produced by winchester in 1987.

This Winchester shotgun is valued between 90-150 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

The winchester model 1894 ranger was made by winchester from 1985-2006.If you have a winchester model 1894 ranger compact(with 16in.barrel) these were made from 1998-2004.

The value of a Winchester Texas Ranger Presentation would be dependent upon a couple different factors. When dealing with limited edition pieces, the most important factor is usually the condition.

the Winchester ranger was made between 1985-2006.

The Winchester model 94 ranger was made from 1985-2006.

Between $350 and $450 depending on condition.

The Ranger was the "No Frills" version of the '94. It was made from 1985 till 2006. In 95% condition they are about $365.

The value of a Winchester Ranger 44 magnum rifle is between $400 and $600 depending on its overall condition. These rifles are commonly used for hunting medium to large animals and relatively short distances.

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