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with all that green on it (corrosion), it's not worth anything more than one cent.

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Is the penny turning green like the statue of liberty turning green?

yes cause its copper

What is the example of a copper penny turning green?

A copper penny turns green due to oxidation. When oxygen combines with copper, it produces copper oxide, which is green, in color.

When Iron is turning into rust and copper turning green is an example of what kind of erosion?


Why does a penny turn green?

The penny has copper in it. Copper reacts to the oxygen in the air by producing copper oxide therefore turning green. The older the coin, the more copper in the coin.

Is a copper penny turning green a chemical change?


How do you stop a brass cuff bracelet from turning skin green?

The only wan to stop brass from turning your skin green is to coat it. The green is the copper from the brass alloy (brass is made from varying combinations of copper and zinc).

Example of oxidizing?

RustApples turning brown when cutPotatoes turning brown when cutCopper turning green.

Is something turning copper to green a chemical reaction?

ya mon.

What is the word for copper turning green?

The word is "oxidation", which in the case of copper is a three-step process where the copper oxidizes to copper oxide, then to cuprous or cupric sulfide, and then to copper carbonate. Copper carbonate is the green colored copper or patina that forms over time. The old name for this green patina is "verdigris".

Does copper react with air?

Copper does react with air. It oxidizes turning a bluey-green colour, i.e the statue of liberty.

Is a bronze statue turning green a physical or chemical change?

It is chemical. The copper in bronze turns green when it oxidizes.

Is copper turning green when exposed to the environment a chemical or physical change?

First, copper doesn't "turn green," it reacts with oxygen in the air to form copper oxide. This is a chemical change, because copper oxide is a substance that was not there before.

What do you call copper turning green?

Technically, it is a type of corrosion. It is sometimes referred to as a patina.

Is turning of copper into green when exposed into environment physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change.

Is copper turning green when expose to environment a chemical change and why?

It is a chemical change because chemical reactions are involved; copper become hydrated copper carbonate.

What is the Chemical change called of a penny turning green?

The patination of copper is an oxidation reaction. The greenish formed on these copper coin is the mixture of oxides and carbonates form of copper.

Why does copper turn your skin green?

Several GREEN copper salts that can be created from combinations of copper and other chemicals such as copper sulfate, copper acetate etc. The Statue of Liberty is green as aiys copper covering is exposed to the salt water and heat. Your skin has many chemicals in sweat that attack the copper bands and allow them to corrode and oxudize turning the resulting chemicals green on your hand. You can also notice this action on copper wires that are exposed to the outside elements.

Why is your skin turning green?

My skin isn't green! But copper does turn skin green I think... I think it's something to do with salt and acid reacting with copper and therefor your skin turns green... For further details, just look it up in Google...

What does copper and oxgyen make?

Copper oxide, which is a compound from the two elements copper and oxygen. When copper is exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, it begins turning green. The green is Copper oxide.Copper oxide can refer toCopper(I) oxide (cuprous oxide, Cu2O), a red powder;Copper(II) oxide (cupric oxide, CuO), a black powder. (Source wikipedia)

Is copper turning green in the air physical change?

The reason that copper turns green is the same reason the metal rusts, oxidization. Both metal and copper oxidize when exposed to oxygen and this is a natural process. Copper that is exposed to the outside environment is more likely to turn green and that is why copper vases and decorative pieces in gardens are often green. Copper is a metal that does not react with water (H2O), but the oxygen of the air will react slowly at room temperature to form a layer of brown-black copper oxide on copper metal which looks like green sometimes...

Which rock is used to build Statue of Liberty?

The statue of liberty is made of a steel frame covered with copper. This copper is the outside. The copper was once brown, but has oxidized over time, turning it green.

Why are your pewter statues turning green?

The variety of pewter in your statues is probably a tin/copper alloy and the copper is oxidizing. Sometimes copper is used with the tin, sometimes it's lead (turns black).

Is copper metal turning green on exposure to air and water a physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change on the surface of the copper.

Why does copper go green?

copper goes green as it is copper and Oxygen which is Copper Oxide

How is does fake jewelry turn your skin green if you have it long for a long time?

The reason some costume jewelry turns skin green is because the outer plating has worn off and the copper alloy metal underneath is exposed. It is the copper in the metal that is turning your finger green.