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with all that green on it (corrosion), it's not worth anything more than one cent.

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Q: What is the value of a copper penny from 1920 that is in good condition but about 85 to 93 percent turning green?
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Is the penny turning green like the statue of liberty turning green?

yes cause its copper

What is the example of a copper penny turning green?

A copper penny turns green due to oxidation. When oxygen combines with copper, it produces copper oxide, which is green, in color.

When Iron is turning into rust and copper turning green is an example of what kind of erosion?


Is a copper penny turning green a chemical change?


Why does a penny turn green?

The penny has copper in it. Copper reacts to the oxygen in the air by producing copper oxide therefore turning green. The older the coin, the more copper in the coin.

Is something turning copper to green a chemical reaction?

ya mon.

Is a copper statue turning green a chemical change or physical?


How do you stop a brass cuff bracelet from turning skin green?

The only wan to stop brass from turning your skin green is to coat it. The green is the copper from the brass alloy (brass is made from varying combinations of copper and zinc).

What is the word for copper turning green?

The word is "oxidation", which in the case of copper is a three-step process where the copper oxidizes to copper oxide, then to cuprous or cupric sulfide, and then to copper carbonate. Copper carbonate is the green colored copper or patina that forms over time. The old name for this green patina is "verdigris".

Is a bronze statue turning green a physical or chemical change?

It is chemical. The copper in bronze turns green when it oxidizes.

Does copper react with air?

Copper does react with air. It oxidizes turning a bluey-green colour, i.e the statue of liberty.

Is turning of copper into green when exposed into environment physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change.

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