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I don't find any special edition Stevens semi-auto's in my reference books. You might try contacting Savage Arms. I doubt if it will be a high-dollar item since the standard models seem to be only $100-$125 in NRA Excellent condition.

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โˆ™ 2004-01-31 14:01:56
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Q: What is the value of a limited or special edition Stevens 22 semi auto rifle?
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A J. Stevens double barrel with a 1915 date sounds like a Model 311 shotgun, but what is a 2232 caliber? It is possible that some gunsmith used this shotgun as the base for a custom double rifle. There is no such cartridge listed in Cartridges of the World. If it is a limited edition that is not listed in any of the catalogs, its value cannot be established without placing it at auction.

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