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Single shot bolt action? Values run $75-$100, unless the gun is New-in-box. These were made from 1936-1960, however, the Micro-groove barrel was first used 29 Jul 1953, so yours would have been between that date and 1960 when production ended.


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paid £180.00 for mine, its in great condition

marlin 12 gauge bolt action goose guns sell for about $200 in great condition

about $125 if in great condiyion about $125 if in great condition

$225-$300 in top condition.

1973, these 336's can range in value from as little as $125, to about $325, depending on condition.

I jhave a marlin leveraction 25x20 1894 model in great condition can you give me a range of how much it is worth can send photos

Your Marlin model 336SC (sporting carbine) which was made in the year 1948,will bring between 300-350 dollars.

When you move to the groove baby

Unsure of what you are asking exactly. Micro-groove is a term used by Marlin to denote a type of rifling in its barrels. If you are asking if such a barrel can be tightened to the receiver (frame) of the rifle, the answer is maybe. Some are threaded, some are held by a cross pin, and some are a press fit (under great pressure). With any of the methods, you may change the headspace of the cartridge by changing barrel-to-receiver, and that CAN be a very dangerous condition. IF your barrel is loose, this should go to a gunsmith. Soon.

$75-$150, depending on condition. That is if your rifle is a semi-auto. It would be a Marlin 49. However, Western Auto also had a 150M, which is a Marlin 39A- Value $300-$450

I do not have a listing for a 309170, but a Marlin Mdl 336 (lever action rifle) is worth between $200-$350, depending on condition and EXACT model. Second most popular deer rifle in the US. Great rifles.

Yes the Marlin was and is a great car. AMC had and still has a good rep for the workmanship and engineering. .

I purchased one at a pawn shop recently for 300.00 its in excellent condition the bluing is great and I mounted a Nikion buckmaster scope on it I wouldnt sell it for less than 800.00.

model GA22 ( great american 22 cal) first production 1983 same as marlin model 75C

about 150 to 200 depending on condition. most come with a scope already mounted as well. great little gun, and worth every penny.

I was in great condition

If the face of your tongue and groove is smooth then you don't need drywall. I have one whole room covered in T&G cedar and it looks great.

An anemone on the Great Barrier Reef

no the tomb was not in great condition because it was old and slobery.

About $80 in average condition. If it's got a Peep sight & in great condition, about $150 More info here...

At least $129. That's what I just paid for an 81TS DU in mint condition w/o box or papers. Has a highly figured, almost deluxe grade, walnut stock; not the black plastic stock.

i have an older marlin 30-30 lever and i put rails and rings on it and they work great. hope this helps

Old Man and the Sea.I think it is implied that it is a Blue Marlin, but the book never actually specifies.

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