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Value is determined by a number of factors, especially condition. Look up the NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms. You can find these in a number of places. Try searching for "NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms" using the Google search form to the right. Be realistic in your appraisal. To get a reliable estimate of the value of your gun, see a professional appraiser. If you just want a basic estimate, buy yourself the current Blue Book of Gun Values. This is considered the most accurate source book for gun values. Ultimately, though, value is subjective. Value is based on the worth to an individual collector. What's more, the sentimental value of the gun to you could be much higher than what a collector will pay for it.

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Q: What is the value of a mod 94 pre 64 30-30 lever action?
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What is the value of mod 66 3030 lever action?

You will have to provde a detailed description of ALL markings and condition to get a realistic guess. Also, who made it.

What is the price value of a Mossburg 20 gauge lever action shotgun model 185 K B?

mossberg 20gauge shotgun mod 185

Need info on a Revelation Mod 207 30-30 lever action rifle ex value?

Blue Book of Gun values

What is the value of Jc higgens 22 cal mod 44dl lever action SN 10319880?

Your rifle was made by Marlin For Sears !)# Sears vendor code for Marlin In good condition it would be worth about 150 dollars

Where can you find information about a Glenfield mod 30 Golden 50 lever action 30 30?

Here. What information do you want?

Who made Mod 2T Mod273 27530 22 long rifle lever action?

I have looked for myself and I now believe that it was made by Ruger.

How long are the barrels on Winchester Model 22 XTR 9422 magnum lever action rifles?

Winchester mod 9422 XTR = 50 cm.

Where can you find a complete breech bolt for a marlin 22 lever action mod 39 ser3089 rifle?

Try Do a web search.

What is the value of your a mod 94 336?

A Model 94 refers to a 1894 Winchester. If this is what you mean and it has a sn of 336, seek a professional appraisal. A Model 336 refers to a Marlin lever action that bears a resemblence to a 1894. Again if the sn is 336, seek a professional appraisal.

What is the value of a mod 1200 shotgun pump action?

you can buy them all day for $250 and down

How old is your 2520 mod 1892 sn 442080?

Your Winchester model 1892 lever action rifle was made in the year 1907,with the serial number that you have supplied.

What is the age of a savage mod 99 rifle ser number 253797?

Your savage model 99 lever action rifle was made by savage arms in 1923.

What is your 1921 mod 94 Winchester?

It's a Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle. Most likely in 30/30. Value from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on condition and exactly what it is. You don't provide a detailed enough description to narrow it down any further.

Info on a Marlin limited edition mod ga 30 cal 3030?

Yes one was made.

What is the pump action mod for Nerf raider?

There is no pump-action mod for a Nerf Raider CS-35; it already has a built-in pump-action mod due to the way it is fired.

What is the age of a Winchester mod 1894 30.30 serai number 232591?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle was produced at the end of the year 1901.

Does the Sears Mod 1 mod no 27327010 bolt have something to keep it in?

yes it does it has a small lever inside the chamber at the front of the bolt when open using a small screwdriver depress the lever and the bolt pulls right out

What is the value of Marlin 22 cal mod 39-A Mountie carved wood John Wayne type lever?

Value is based on make, model and condition. IF the carving and the loop style lever is original, that is a plus. If done at a later time, a minus. The 39A is no longer in production, and prices are creeping up. In very good condition, $400 and up.

What is the age of a j Stevens mod 1915 22 lever action?

I have a j Stevens model 1915 (Favorite) Long Rifle Lever Action Rifle, Serial Number 115. If my memory serves me correctly my father told me he received it for his 12th birthday in 1924. It is in excellent condition. I had it refinished (metal and wood) several years ago. Big mistake I am told. Hope this helps.

What is flomax's diuretic mechanism of action action?

mod of action tamsulosin

What is the value of a 12 gauge Glenfield Model 50 shotgun in great condition?

Bolt Action 12 gauge mod 50.You can get one in geat condition for about $80 to $100.

What is the age of Winchester mod 94 3030 saddle ring serial number 735835?

your Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine was made by Winchester in 1914.

What is the value mod 101 of 1964?

1964 mod 101 = 45

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Ranger Model 103.13 bolt action rifle?

100 dollars. also known as marlin mod. 81. made by marlin

Trying to locate a manufacture date for a few Winchester guns one is a big bore mod 94 xtr-375 with sn bb005841 the other is a mod 94 3030 engraved 26th president Theodore roosevelt commemorative? has Winchester serial numbers.