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In good condition about 250 dollard firm

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Q: What is the value of a model 150 Winchester 22 lever action that shoots short long or long rifle?
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Is the 32 caliber Winchester tubular feed rifle rim fire or center fire?

the 32 Winchester special lever action model 94 shoots a center fire, rimmed cartridge.

What is the value of a Winchester model 93 30-30 lever action serial no3131681?

What is the value of a Winchester model 93 30/30 lever action repeating arms

What is the value of a Winchester Model 98 lever action side eject?

you are mistaken Winchester model 88 is a lever action side eject rifle value is 300.00 to 450.00 depending on cond.

What is the value of a Winchester lever action rifle model 9422?

The value of a Winchester lever action rifle model 9422 will depend on the condition. They are currently listed for sale between $400 -$900.

Did Winchester make a model 1906 lever action 22 rifle?

We just acquried a winchester model 1906 lever action serial # indicates 1909 production from an estate .... It has been chromed and burl maple wood absoulty gorgious shoots like new and must have been custom made ????????? As we can find nothing about it ???? Please send any info to thank you

Does Winchester make a model 865 lever action rifle?


Do you have a photo of a Winchester model 74 lever action rifle?


What is a Winchester model 88 lever action worth?

I'll give you $300 for it.

What year did Winchester come up with the 243?

The 243 Winchester caliber was introduced in the model 70 bolt action and the model 88 lever action rifles in the year 1955 by Winchester.

How do you assemble a Winchester 243 lever action rifle?

The only Winchester made lever action rifle was the model 88.I would refer you to a good gunsmith to put your model 88 lever action rifle back together again,as these rifles are complex and should not be attempted by a novice.

Winchester Model 250 leveraction?

Yes winchester did make a model 250 lever action rifle from 1963-1974.

When was Winchester model 88 serial number 134952A made?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 88 lever action rifle was made in the year 1962.

When was a Winchester model 77 serial number 1478 made?

I'm not familiar with a "Winchester model 77". Is this a bolt action gun or a lever-action rifle? Winchester's famous bolt-action hunting rifle is called the Model 70. Their most famous lever-action guns are the 1873 and 1894 models. Ruger is a company that has a bolt-action rifle called the Model 77.

What is a Model 90A Winchester?

AFAIK, there is no Winchester Model 90A. Is it a lever action, slide action, bot action, semi-auto or single shot? What caliber? What type and length of barrel?

What is a Winchester 30 Cal Lever Action rifle Model?

Your model number should be posted on the rifle.If it has worn off do to age and handling then you have 4 choices.First if it is marked 30US.then you have a Model 1895 lever action rifle.Second if it is marked 30WCF,then you have a early model 1894 lever action rifle,or a model 55 lever action rifle.Last you could have a model 64 lever action rifle in 30-30 Win.

What is the name of the famous lever action weapon?

Winchester Model 66

What year Winchester model 88 serial number 204860a?

your Winchester model 88 lever action rifle was made in 1967.

How old is your Winchester model 94 lever action 30-30 with serial no 3136686?

Your Winchester model 1894 was produced in 1968.

How much is a 1940's Winchester lever action 410 worth?

There was/is no such thing as a 1940's vintage Winchester lever-action .410. Winchester did make a slide-action (pump) .410 shotgun called the Model 42 during the 1940s.

Did Winchester make a 22 magnum in lever action?

yes.The Winchester model 9422M was chambered in .22WMR.

What is the value of a 1973 308 Winchester?


What is the value of a Winchester model 1901 10 gauge lever action shotgun?

Depending on its condition, a Winchester model 1901 10 gauge lever action shotgun could be worth around $2,0000. In lesser condition it is still worth $500-$800.

Age of Winchester model 94 lever action 32 special serial number 1220543?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1940.

What makes the gun a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester made about 28 versions of the Lever Action model 94. All were made by Winchester, all of them were rifles not guns.

What is the age of a Winchester model 9422M serial F151420?

With the serial number provided,your Winchester model 9422M .22mag lever action rifle was made by Winchester in 1974.