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There is one on Craig's list for $65. One on Ebay Canada with a starting bid of $125 and buy it now of over $400 with no bids. We picked one up at a garage sale for $30. They seem to be well-regarded instruments if you Google them they get good reviews. My guess is about $75-100.

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What is the value of a nippon gakki Yamaha g-50a guitar?

What is the price of a Nippon Gakki Yamaha S-50a acustic guitar?

When was Yamaha no 100 nippon gakki made?

when was Yamaha nippon 100 gakki made and what`s it worth

What is the value of a nippon gakki Yamaha model G-90A guitar?

The exact value of a Nippon Gakki Co Limited Yamaha guitar would actually depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the age and condition of the guitar.

What is the value of a Yamaha No 80 Nippon Gakki guitar serial number 9202?


What is the value of a nippon gakki Yamaha model no 60 guitar?

anywhere from $250 to $350.

What is the approx value of a Yamaha nippon gakki no 25 classical guitar?

maybe 50 to 100 dollars?

Yamaha nippon gakki fg 251b guitar Does anyone know its value?

it worth about $ 100 or Yen 10000

What is the value of a Yamaha Nippon Gakki red label guitar with serial?

it is around 25 to 50 dollars or more

What is a fg 140 Yamaha Nippon Gakki worth?

These go for anywhere between $140.00 to $225.00 sometimes more. this is back when Yamaha was the best guitar to come out of the orient.

What is a Yamaha FG180 red label Nippon Gakki in mint condition worth?

a LOT.

When was a classical guitar brand named Yamaha nippon gakki no 60 made?

I was given a new one of these in 1968 (still have it). Hope this helps to narrow things down.

How old is your upright piano Yamaha nippon gakki u1 996772?

made in Japan about 1970

What year did they make the Nippon Gakki G60 classical guitar?

between 1967 to 1969

Does anyone want to buy a Yamaha FG180 red label Nippon Gakki in mint condition?


When was a guitar name brand Yamaha nippon gakki model G85D serial number 1383951 made?

probably between 1970 and 1974 (see

When was a guitar brand name Yamaha Nippon Gakki model G-50 serial number 843072 made?

1984 item no. 3072 Tenryu/ Wada Factory Made in Japan

What year is Yamaha G 170 A Nippon Gakki co ltd classical guitar?

I have a Yamaha G-170 Classical guitar that I purchased new in 1973. I don't know for how many or what years they produced them. It is still a beautiful instrument with an exceptional resonant quality to it. Hope this helps you a little.

How much is a Yamaha Nippon Gakki clarinet with what you believe to be the serial 044031 or 044034?

The value of a Clarinet is like diapers; it Depends.

Yamaha nippon gakki ta20 cant find anything info on it does anyone know anything about it? this is the only thing i have found on this amp. i have the same one and i cant fimd crap on it

How old is your nippon gakki co ltd Yamaha G-60A?

I just brought A Yamaha G 60a which had been in the same family from new,I was told that it was from 1963-1964.And had not been played for 30 years. Hope that helps Mark .

What is Yamaha nippon gakki ukulele no100 made and worth?

These instruments were made in the 1960s for the most part. Condition is important, but that model seems to fit in between the 80, worth about $100 and the 120 which is being offered for $400.

Value of nippon gakki Yamaha grand piano g2 1028025?

I just bought one at 4k today... I felt it was a great deal. It is a 1980 Yamaha G2, with 2 pedals. I did some research online and it seems the value should be anywhere from 6500 to 9000 depending on condition.

When was the Yamaha no 100 nippon gakki guitar made and What is it worth?

I purchased a used Yamaha Nippon Gakki classical guitar at a guitar show near the end of 2007, in Saratoga N.Y. It was well used and had a hair line crack where the neck joins the body, looks like it had been there for years. Some one had put steel strings on it which I replaced with nylon, and they had written the year 1966 on the label inside the body of the guitar. I assume that is when they bought it or when it was made. The instrument has wonderful full tone, and nice tuners. They were asking $45.00 for it but they took $35.00. I think I got a real bargain I like you am trying to find out if it is worth more. It is a wonderful instrument and I love it. I copied the following from someone else on the internet, can not vouch for its accuracy. The guitar is made of the following materials: Top: Spruce Back and Sides: Laminated Mahogany Neck and Fretboard: Nato and Rosewood The guitar is not listed in the Blue Book, but on the internet, they are selling for $80 to $165. Charles G

What is the value of nippon gakki co ltd Yamaha guitar model no S-77?

Hi --Actually this is a CLASSICAL, not an ACOUSTIC guitar. In any case, this specific model is not listed by the Blue Book.My best guess from looking at the close numbered models that are listed is that the guitar was manufactured sometime between 1969 and 1973.The Blue Book values for all of these guitars are basically the in the same range:Excellent $120 - 150Average $70 - 95Lynne

What is the value of a 1974 nippon gakki g-280 classical guitar?

Very rare classical guitar made in Japans Gakki factory. All solid woods, rosewood fretboard, very fine brasilian Rio Rosewood back and sides, an pine top. Very specific rare "glasssy" sound, very famous and admired in classical guitar, players love it. If it's in a good playable condition can cost between US $4000 and $8000. Some very well-preserved specimens, were sold for $10 000.