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What is the value of an 1803 Indian coin?


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If you are referring to an 1803 large cent -- like the one pictured here : then its value, in heavily worn condition, is about $40 -- in lightly worn condition is about $180 -- and in uncirculated condition is about $2,000 If what you have is actually a 1903 Indian Head Cent -- similar to the one pictured here : then in average circulated condition it's worth about a dollar. If neither of these is the coin you are referring to, then please submit another question, with a complete description of both sides of the coin.


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There were no Indian Head coins minted in 1803.

That coin doesn't exist. Indian head cents were minted from 1859 to mid-1909.

The value of a 1803 large penny will depend on the condition of the coin. If the coin is in mint condition, the value is an estimated $256.00.

If your coin is a nickel please turn it over. The minting date is 2004, on the front. The date 1803 honors the Lewis and Clark expedition. If it's any other coin, pleas post a new, separate question with its denomination. You can also look for questions like "What is the value of an 1803 US <coin name>?", e.g. "What is the value of an 1803 US large cent?"

Depending on the condition, an 1803 Indian Penny can be worth a lot. At worst, it would be worth $50 in today's market.

There was not an 1803 Indian Head coin made. The 1803 Large cent had a depiction of liberty wearing a headdress with "LIBERTY" on it called the Draped Bust Large Cent. If the coin grades a Good it sells for $40.00 - $75.00 depending on your coin market. A high uncirculated grade would fetch $3,500 - $15,000 depending on specific grade (higher if full RED).

What is the current value for a 1901uncirculated indian head penny.

The first Indian Head cents were issued in 1859.

The value of a 1879 1 rupee Indian coin depends on its condition. This coin in excellent condition is valued between 24.99 and 39.99 as of 2014.

The Indian Head gold coin was minted from 1907 through 1933. In order to give an accurate estimate of value the date of the coin must be known.

The value of an 1875 Indian head cent will depend on its condition. If it is in good condition it has a value of 13.00. An uncirculated coin has a value of 169.00. A coin rated as fine is valued at 50.00, an extra fine coin is worth 100.00.

The value of an 1852 Indian Head California Gold Coin is determined by its scarcity and condition. This coins value ranges from 100 to 300 dollars.

Even a low grade coin is valued at $325.00-$650.00 depending on condition. If you actually have this coin I suggest having a dealer or collector grade the coin for a better idea of value

Sorry, no Indian Head cents in 1803, the first one was struck in 1859. Please look at the coin again and post new question.

An 1808 Indian coin has a value nearly 50 times today's coins 'cause it was made of gold and silver and each of it carried the pic. of the ruler who made it.

In mint condition the value of a 1892 Queen Victoria Indian silver Rupee coin is around 32.00 US Dollars.

Look at the coin again. No U.S. $1.00 silver coins have the Indian Head design.

The other date 2002 is at the bottom ( same side ) of the coin. 1803 is the year Ohio became a state. It's just a quarter, spend it.

Retail value for this coin is $650.00 in certified MS-61

The 1901 US Indian Head cent is not rare. The value of an average circulated coin is $1.00-$3.00.

Assuming the coin is circulated retail prices are $178.00-$300.00

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