What is the value of an 1861 US cent?

As with any collectible, a primary consideration in determining it�s value is it�s condition (or grade). Novice collectors, with some practice, can become quite accurate in determining grades for circulated coins (G-4 through AU-50). It becomes much more difficult when assigning grades for Uncirculated coins (MS-60 through MS-70) or Proof coins (PF-60 through PF-70) and the assistance of an experienced coin collector or trusted coin dealer should be sought.

There are many Internet and printed resources in helping determine the appropriate grade for a coin. Whichever resource you choose to use, ensure that they follow the grading guidelines established by the American Numismatic Association. The following is a value range for the coin in question and is taken from the Numismatic News Coin Market Montly Price Guide for December 2006:

G4- $20.00 VG8- $30.00 F12- $41.00 VF20- $60.00 XF40- $90.00 AU50- $150.00 MS60- $200.00