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What is the value of an Erma Werke Mod EM122 SN 06781?


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2010-07-21 22:55:50
2010-07-21 22:55:50

Impossible to value with just the sn. A guess would be 20-100 USD

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What is the value of an ERMA Werke kgp 68 9mm ?

Erma Werke was created in 1922.

The value of an Erma-Werke handgun actually depends on a number of things. Some of these things include the age and condition of the handgun.

Depends on condition. $100. to $365

i'll give you 400.00 for it

I know of no handgun that has a one inch diameter bore.

You did not say which model. The Erma-Werke KGP68, which looks like the traditional "Luger" pistol, is about $250-$500, depending on condition. If you have a different model, please repost with that information.

The Erma Werke firearm company, funded by the German Army (Wehrmacht).

Produced in 1968 with a magaine safety: Exc V.G. Good Fair Poor 500 400 300 200 100

The Erma Werke firearm company, funded by the German Army (Wehrmacht).

I just saw an Erma EG71 at a Canadian Gunshow in Ontario. Looked to be in really good condition. Seller said he had work done on the firing pin. Was asking $295 Canadian. April 2008.

Provide a detailed description of all markings.

Over the last couple of years I have seen them sell in the Midwest for anywhere between $170-$250. They tend to be higher on than in the shops.

Pimarily Erma Werke and Haneuhl (unsure of spelling- sorry)

Yesterday, I found one in a gun show with an asking price of $325.00. I offered the guy $250.00 and he took it. I don't know whether I paid too much, but I like the gun. It is like new, in the box, with manual, and 2nd magazine. It is a nice Erma Werke replica of a Walther P38. The price I paid is a fair indicator of market value, because I was willing to pay that price for it.

Inspired by Erma-Werke and licensed by them. Modern manufacture, value between $140-$200 depending on condition.

This model was manufactured from 1973 to 1978 by Erma Werke in West Germany for Ithaca.

The Ithaca saddle gun was made from 1973-1978.It was made by Erma werke,in West germany for Ithaca.

22 cal semi auto ww2 style gun 22 cal semi auto ww2 style gun

Nice little "baby Ehrfut" luger copies. The KGP68a in .380 auto (or 9mm Kurz for short). Commercial quantities back in the 80's were sold for sub $200 range. Today they might fetch $350

Try this site. $49.95.

$200 to $600 depending on condition

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