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Your question has probably not been answered because the serial number 72xxx was made in about 1930 BUT the Sport Model Woodsman with 4.5" barrel did not make its appearance on the market until 1933 around serial number 86000. So this needs some clarification from you before an intelligent answer can be given.. It is quite possible that the original 6.625" barrel was shortened or re-barreled with a short barrel and the gun was not made as an original Sport Model Woodsman. The phrase "early knurling pattern" indicates that the gun has had the barrel replaced. If by knurling you mean the checkered area on the backstrap, then for sure you have a re-barreled gun because all Woodsman Sport Models were made with horizontal, parallel lines on the upper backstrap so the gun cannot possibly be an original Sport Model. Most important is the need to supply a detailed description of the condition of the gun, especially the amount of original factory blue finish. The value range can be as much as $1,000. depending on the amount of ORIGINAL factory blue finish remaining. If you want to email some good clear photos fothe gun and its stampings I may be able to give you an accurate evaluation. But with the information given , no practical figure can be arrived at. Please feel free to contact me. Don Schimpff Redding, CA

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Q: What is the value of an early Colt Woodsmen Sportmen short barrel serial 72xxx early knurling pattern?
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