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The value of the Mauser 2000 in 308 Cal. in excellent condition is about $425.00 to $475.00 I have seen this gun sell for about up to $550.00, but that is overboard. When it first came out in 1969 it was sold for $139.00. The market for the model 2000 is not at all high, although it is a very well made firearm.

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What is the value of an original Portuguese Mauser rifle?

It depends what model and if it is in goood shape or not

Does mauser make a rifle in 7.65 caliber?


What caliber is your 1914 spanish mauser rifle?


What caliber is the Mexican Army rifle F N mauser model 1932?

probably 7mm or 8 mm

What is a Mauser Model 2000 rifle in Excellent Condition worth?

This rifle (Mauser Model 2000) is worth $350 in excellent condition.

Is there a model 95 Mauser Rifle?

There is a model 1895.

What do the numbers on an old spanish mauser rifle signify?

Usually the sn and caliber

1940 model 98 Mauser rifle?

Your question is???

What is the value of a Remington model 600 243 caliber rifle serial number 44814?

The current value of a remington model 600 in .243 winchester caliber is between 160 dollars for a rifle with 60%of its original finish remaining up to 475 dollars for a rifle with 100% original finish remaining.

What kind of finish was used on the original mauser rifle?


What is the value of a Ithicia model 49 22 caliber rifle?

value of a model 49 ithaca 22 caliber rifle

What is a mauser model 2000 rifle worth?

100-1000 usd

What is the value of Mauser Model 2000 rifle?

100-1000 usd

What is the history of the mauser chileno modelo 1895?

I can start you in the right direction.This was a military contract for the model 1895 mauser by the chilean government.These rifles and carbines were produced by mauser at there facility of loew in Berlin Germany. they produced four different types of 1895 mauser,the 1895 rifle army model,1895 rifle anchor crest,model 1895 short rifle,and 1895 carbine.these are good quality mauser small ring rifles.please remember that they cannot with stand the pressures of the large ring 1898 rifle.

What is the value of a Mauser 166 single shot 22 caliber rifle circa 1900?

50-100 USD

What is the calibre of a Mauser rifle model 1908 oberndorf an?

It will be marked on the barrel/reciever

What is a model 25 22 caliber?

Model indicates a particular design by a particular maker. In the case of the Marlin/Glenfield Model 25 rifle, it is a bolt action rifle in caliber .22 Long Rifle. It has a 7 shot box type magazine. The Model 25M is in caliber .22 Magnum

What is the value of a 1911 22 Caliber Winchester Pump Action Rifle?

Winchester did not make a model 1911 pump action 22 cal rifle,They did make a model 1890,a model 1906,a model 61,and a model 62 pump action 22 caliber rifle.Please include the amount of original finish remaining on your rifle,and bore condition to get a accurate value,once the model number is determined.

Are the Mauser 98 and 1903A3 actions the same?

The Model 1903A3 rifle is base upon the Mauser 98 action but they are not exactly the same.

When did they make the Winchester model 1917 300 caliber rifle?

Your Winchester model of the U S model 1917 30-06 caliber rifle was produced by Winchester from 1917-1919.

What kind of bullets does a 1946 Mauser shoot?

There are several different models of Mauser rifle. Can you do anything to identify the model, arsenal it was manufactured at, and/or the nationality of the rifle? That it was made in 1946 does nothing to answer this question.

How old is a JC Higgins model 103.229 22 caliber rifle?

A JC Higgins .22 caliber rifle, model 103.229 is about 55 years old as of 2014.

What is the difference between a crosman 101 and 100?

The model 100 is a .177 caliber air rifle. The model 101 is a .22 Caliber rifle. Basically the same air rifle just different calibers.

What is the value of a mauser model 66 rifle?

100-1000 and up depending on specifics

Are all mauser bolts interchangable?

Not every single mauser bolt is interchangable, but most bolts for a single model will be. For example, most bolts from the millions of WWII era kar-98k's are interchangable but will not be interchangable will a modern mauser hunting rifle or a modern rifle based off of the mauser action.

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