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What is the value of original Winchester poster-panels for firearms cutlery and sporting goods from 1922 and 1923?


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basically I need to see pictures to help you out. Send some pictures to my e-mail. I have a large collection of winchester/sporting posters/calendars. I should be able to help.


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if your winchester model 101 sporting is a current model(made since 2007)its value is between 800dollars for a gun with 60%original finish,up to 1450 dollars for a shotgun with 90% original finish remaining.

Your rifle was made by Winchester for Sears Roebuck- it is the Winchester 94. Sears sold firearms under their own brand names, such as JC Higgins. Ted Williams, baseball player, permitted his name to be used as a brand on Sears sporting goods. The Sears branded firearms are typically valued at about 20% less than the original brand guns. They are still a very good buy for the money.

your winchester model 1886 rifle was made by winchester in 1898.

There are 2 types of the Winchester Model 56, the Sporting Rifle and the Fancy Sporting Rifle. The Sporting Rifle has the plain walnut stock and forend. It is worth aprox. $1000 in Very Good condition to $400 in poor condition. The Fancy Sporting Rifle has the fancy checkered walnut stock and forend. It is worth aprox. $2000 in Very Good condition to $750 in poor condition. If it is chambered for .22 Short only then add 50% to the value. ***All this info was in the 2008 Standard Catalog of Firearms page 1365***

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1886 sporting rifle was made during the last 3 months of 1897.

Not in the US at least, they are sporting equipment not firearms. has a large database of schematics and literature on various military and sporting firearms

Depending on Model style. That is Sporting rifle, Fancy Sporting rifle, Carbine, Trappers Carbine, or musket. Also age, caliber, and condition. All that said, the value would be between $350 and $12000 according to the research that I have done. Try doing an online estimate through Homestead Firearms.

The firearms and sporting industry contribute hundrds of millions to the economy.

This is probably the same as the "Fancy Sporting Rifle" in the Standard Catalog of Firearms. This guide suggests a retail value of $1800 in NRA Good (80% original finish) plus 20% for the takedown feature. If it happens to have extensive factory engraving, it would be a LOT more.

Browning, Beretta, Franchi, Winchester, Ruger, Remington

Numrich has a free schematics/parts section that covers most popular firearms. Go here and find the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly instructions for Sporting Rifles.

The Winchester model 70 is a bolt action sporting rifle. In 1936 Winchester introduced the bolt action rifle to the American Market. The model 70 was largely based on the Model 54.

These shotguns should not be fired, they are subject to a complete recall due to bursting barrels

Gun shows, pawn shops, gun shops, on line retailers, sporting goods stores.

Any sporting goods store, most pawn shops, Walmart or KMart if they still sell firearms in your state.

Back to the factories: Building automobiles, sporting firearms, motorcycles, light aircraft (civilian airplanes), sport boats, cameras, tools, golf clubs, plastic model kits, and other sporting goods equipment.

BB's can be purchased at most sporting goods store. Unless you live in a country where you have to purchase them through a firearms store. Sporting goods stores like Cabelas Bass Pro Big 5 Dicks.

Sporting goods store, gun shop, pawn shop, gun show, or KMart if they still sell firearms in your city.

Lyon and Lyon of Calcutta [India] were retailers of sporting/outdoor equipment including firearms, many of which were imported from Britain and the United States.

Most any good sporting goods store. The modern designation is .32 Winchester Special.

Try on line ammunition makers, gun shows, gun shops, pawn shops, sporting goods stores.

Manufactured in 1906, so doesn't qualify as an antique according to the BATF. If your "fair condition" is the same as the NRA fair condition, it's value is only about $700 according to the Standard Catalog of Firearms if it is the standard sporting rifle. A bit more for a fancy sporting rifle, takedown version, or extra lightweight rifle, and a bit less for carbine.

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