What is the value of the 1963 south African 5c coin?

You are asking about a 5 Cent coin from South Africa (KM#59). The coin is 17.35mm in diameter, weighs 2.83 grams, and is composed of 50%, giving it an ASW (Actual Silver Weight) of 0.0455 troy ounces. With silver (as of November 18, 2012) valued at US$32.25 per troy ounce, the "melt" value of the coin is about US$1.46. Being made of silver, the coin would no longer circulate, but its face value (with the South African Rand valued at 11.28 US cents as of November 18, 2012) is slightly over one half a US cent.

The front of the coin bears a portrait of Jan van Riebeeck (a 17th-century Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town) and the words "UNITY IS STRENGTH" and "EENDRAG MAAK MAG" (Afrikaans for "Unity is Strength"). The back bears an image of a protea flower surrounded by five bundles of sticks, the date "1963" above, the denomination "5 C" below, "SOUTH AFRICA" to the left and "SUID-AFRIKA" (Afrikaans for "South Africa") to the right. 8,054,000 were produced for circulation in 1963, as well as another 4,025 in Proof for collectors

According to the Standard Catalog of World Coins, the coin is worth little over its silver value (US$1.46) even in Uncirculated condition. In Proof, it would be valued at about US$3.00.