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What is the value of ivory Buddah statuettes from India bought during World War 2?

1 Shilling

What are the basic concepts behind Buddhism?

buddahism is a religion in India created by buddah buddahism is a religion in India created by buddah

Where is helium found and how is it obtained?


Silk is mostly obtained in India?


What are good gift ideas to send to a relative in India?

If your relatives are native to India, then a gift that is distinctly American will be best. Clothing and iconic statuettes, like the Statue of Liberty, are all good options that will be cheap to ship overseas.

Pictures of old banks in India during 1910?

India during 1910 India during 1910

Which is the only state of India from where uranium is obtained?

This state is Jharkhand.

How many seats are obtained by the communist paty of India and communist party of India marxist in the 2009 general election of India?


Is UK marriage certificate valid in India?

If it was legally obtained, yes.

Which country did Europe get there spices?

Europe mainly obtained spices from India and the East Indies.

Can you name the roots eaten during the famine of India?

roots eaten during the famine of India?

Who was nicknamed Buddah?

Gautama Siddartha Siddartha was a prince in India who upon seeing how people were suffering while he lived a pleasant life, decided to change his life style and his name to Buddha which means the Enlightened One

The taj mahal was built during what empire in India?

The Taj Mahal was built during the Mughal Empire in India.

Did Xuan Zang visited India during Harshvaradhan's regime?

Yes he visited India during harshvardhana's regime.

What was the language of education in India during Mughal rule?

Urdu was the language education in India during the mughal rule.

When was the Golden Age of India?

the golden age of India was during gupta

Who is the chief minister of india during 2011?

There is no Chief minister for India.

How was india different after the maurya empire from how it was during the empire?

Urbanization was able to grow rapidly in India during the Maurya empire.

How do Monsoons affect India in the summer?

monsoons do not effect india during summer much but during cyclones it may effect.

Who was finance minister during feb 1969 in india?

The Finance Minister during February 1969 in India was Morarji Desai.

Which were the two historical buildings constructed during British rule in India?

Victoria memorial and gateway to India were the two historical buildings constructed during British rule in India

What did India do during WW1?


Who is the librarian of the India office?

who was the librarian during rizal's time of india office

When did Muslims dominate India?

The Muslims dominated India during the Maghul Empire.

The golden age of India took place during what Empire?

The "golden age" of India took place during the Gupta Empire.