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The Marlin 782 is out of production. Sale of used guns in good condition runs right around $200, plus or minus $50 based on condition.

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Seems to be a descrepency here. There were no model 36 marlins made with Microgoove barrels. The model 336 was made with a Microgroove barrel, and if that's what you have then your's was made in 1972.

model number is always smaller than serial

e The serial number you listed is not a Model 58 serial number. the serial number starts with an "S"

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

Virtually impossible to tell a model from just the serial number.

is that the serial number of a model A ford ?? or firearms ?? If a firearm, who made it and what is the model ????

No way to tell model number from just the serial number.

Determining the model from just the serial number is virtually impossilbe.

The numbers 308 are not the model number.That is the caliber.Include the model and serial number so we can answer why the letter A appears in the front of the serial number.

The number you provided is probably the serial number?If you can give me the model number along with the serial number,Then I can answer your question.

Evinrude and Johnson outboards use the engine model number, rather than the serial number, to determine the year model. The model number will be on the same plate/sticker as the serial number.

I would have to have the model number along with the serial number to correctly date your winchester.

is that the serial number of a model A ford ??? or firearm?? If a firearm, which firearms, who made it and what model............?????

Impossible to id the model from just the serial number.

What model is my celebrity boat serial number CYG23094K788

when was the savage model 99 serial number 655391 manufactured

The model number/designation, for a Johnson outboard, cannot be determined by horsepower rating, or serial number. The model number will be displayed on the serial number tag/sticker, affixed to the engine.

Serial is a number. For example, a car has a model and year to identify it by made and model, and then it has a serial number to further identify it down to it's individual number. It's similar to 1964 Aston Martin DB5 serial number 007.

What year is a Winchester Model 74 Serial 354097A. Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 74 was made in the year 1941,with the serial number 106,782.The serial number 354097A was made at the end of the year in 1953.

That is the model number not the serial number.

The model 64 Winchesters were serial numbered in the Model 1894 serial number range of numbers.With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 64 rifle was made in the year 1938.The model 64 rifle was made from 1933-1957.

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