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go to and get ithe car's value based on its condition. then take off 40% of that price to get appx salvage value. this assumes the car is reconstructed and roadworthy.


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The exact location of the transmission modulator valve on your Ford Mustang is dependent upon the year of the Mustang. Most of the time the transmission modulator valve will be on the back of the transmission.

The EGR valve is located on the top of the 1985 Mustang engine. The EGR valve is mounted right behind the carburetor.

The PCV valve on 1992 ford mustang 5.0 is on the drivers side.

The heater control valve in a Mustang is located within the engine. It is right in the heater's core and where the coolant is located.

Top of passenger side valve cover

Under the air hose on the passenger side valve cover.

5.0L-The valve is located on top of the block by the firewall 2.3L-The valve is mounted inline with the breather hose

The 2010 Ford Mustang GT is a 4.6 L - 3 valve per cylinder - V8

Yes , a 2006 Ford Mustang 4.0 V6 has an electric heated PCV valve It is located on the passenger side engine valve cover , at the FRONT It is Motorcraft part # EV-273 and currently lists for ( prepare yourself ) $78.56 U.S.

Through the filler cap on the valve cover.

5.4-liter super charged 4 valve engine.......

I was looking at one of Fords websites and the drawing shows : For a 2001 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 : The PCV valve is on top of the valve cover near the engine oil fill cap

It means that there are 3 valves per each cylinder instead of the tradtional 2 valve setup

For a 2004 Ford Mustang : It was the 40th anniversary of the Ford Mustang , and I believe they called the Over Head Valve , V6 engine a 3.9 liter instead of the usual 3.8 liter

Remove the oil breather cap on one of the valve covers and pour the oil through the hole in the valve cover.

Most are locatedon back of your intake in the middle.

They are in the center of the valve covers with a tube running from them to the air intake one is about 20" long and one is about half that length.

The ( 2005 ) was the first model year that the Ford Mustang Gt 4.6 L had the 3 valve ( 3V ) heads

The PCV valve is on the top of one of the valve covers with a hose extending to the breather assembly. 1986 to 1995 Mustang V-8's have the P.C.V. valve located in the back end of the lower intake manifold. Reach between the upper manifold and the firewall and there should be a vacuum line, about the size of a finger, running down to the lower intake. This is the one going to the P.C.V. valve.

The PCV valve is located in the back of the lower intake manifold. It should have a 3/8" hose going from the PCV valve to a vacuum source on the upper intake manifold.

The radiator drain is on the bottom of the radiator. It is a small petcock valve.

if not on the valve cover, then this engine will be one of the newer 5.0 engines with an intake manifold similar to that of a mustang. the pcv valve will be located on the backside of the intake manifold near the firewall, you will have to feel for it.

There is a rubber hose that connects from the upper plennum (top with Cobra emblem) to the back of the driver's side valve cover. The PCV valve is located at the end of this rubber hose plugged in the drivers side valve cover.

The PCV on a 1994 Mustang 302 is located on the rear of the lower intake plenum. It fits into a rubber grommet and has a right-angle hose leading off of it.

The 1997 mustang cobra came stock with a 32 valve 4.6 DOHC engine producing 305hp and 300lb ft of torque.

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