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Q: What is the verb in the sentence The gorilla was not just tired?
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What is the verb in the sentence I get tired of work?

The verb is "get" which is a linking verb to the adjective tired.

What is the verb in the sentence the baby was tired?

The verb is "was." The subject of the verb is "baby." "Tired" is a predicate adjective.

What is the verb in the sentence he seems to be tired?

Seems is the verb. To be tired is a verbal phrase, a verb form functioning as another part of speech in this sentence.

What is the verb in the sentence he ran until he got tired?

ran tired

What is the voice of the verb in the sentence By the end of the day the children were tired?

In the sentence "By the end of the day the children were tired", the voice of the verb is active. this is because the subject of the verb, "the children", is the agent.

What is the subject and verb in the following sentence the man in the gorilla suit is your brother?

"Man" is the subject, "is" is the verb.

What is the verb in this sentence the zoo will build a new gorilla exhibit next year?

The two words "will build" comprise the verb in this sentence.

What part of speech is the word tired?

Depends on the context. If its something like, "she tired me" then its a verb. If its something like, "I am tired" then its an adjective. Hope this helps...Tired is not a verb it is an adjective.The verb is tire. The sentence should be she tires me.The past tense of the verb "tire" is "tired".

What is a linking verb sentence for grow?

Ex: The man grows tired

Is tired a predicate nominative?

Yes, the word tired can be a predicate nominative when it 'renames' the subject. Predicate nominatives follow a 'linking' verb. Examples: Mary is tired. (Mary = tired) Mary became tired. (Mary > tired) They were tired. (They = tired) When used with a non-linking verb, tired is not a predicate nominative. Examples: That dog is a tired old thing. (tired is an adjective modifying the object or the sentence) The tired kids were ready for a nap. (tired is an adjective modifying the subject of the sentence)

What is the direct object in the girls weren't tired at all?

There is no direct object in that sentence because there is no transitive verb. Were is a linking verb.

A linking verb sentence using the word conduct?

A linking verb connects the subject to more information about the subject. It does not express an action.I am tired. "Am" is the linking verb.

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