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Q: What is the verb in the sentence he ran until he got tired?
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What are the verb and adverb in the sentence Jason got his bicycle early?

The verb in the sentence is 'got', the adverb is 'early'.When did Jason get his bicycle? He got it early.

How do you use got tired of in a sentence?

He eventually got tired of the noise they were making so he asked them to stay quiet.

A sentence for unveil?

my sister unveiled the band aid when she got tired of it

How do use the word got in a sentence?

I like to use the word got as an active verb, as in: I got caught, or I got in; instead of as a passive verb, as in: she got engaged, or he got cancer.

What is the predicate adjective and noun or pronoun in the sentence you look tired today?

"You look tired today." (you = tired)The adjective tired is the predicate adjective (also called a subject complement).The predicate adjective is the adjective following a linking verb which modifies (describes) the subject of the sentence.A linking verb acts as an equals sign, the object of the verb is a form of the subject (Mary is my sister. Mary=sister); or the subject becomes the object (Mary's feet got wet. feet->wet).

Use rejected in a sentence as a verb?

He got rejected by that girl.

How do you use appear as a linking verb?

For a verb to be a linking verb, the direct object of the verb will be another word for or another form of the subject of the verb. A linking verb acts as an equals sign; 'Mary is my sister.' (Mary=sister); or 'Mary's feet got wet.' (feet->wet). Examples: The teacher appeared tired. (teacher=tired) The teacher appeared in the doorway. (not a linking verb)

Is was a prounoun?

No, 'was' is a verb, or an auxiliary verb; past tense of the verb to be. Examples:main verb: He was the winner.auxiliary verb: He was elected class president.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. Example:When George got to 19th Street, he got off the train. (the pronoun 'he' takes the place of the noun 'George' in the second part of the sentence)

How do you use conternation in a sentence as a verb?

She consternated when she got back her exam results. This is a sentence which contains the word consternated.

Is I don't know how I got here a noun phrase or a noun clause?

"I don't know how I got here." is a complete sentence; a compound sentence with two complete thoughts, joined by a conjunction: I = subject don't (do not) = auxiliary verb, adverb combination know = main verb how = conjunction I = subject got = verb (past tense of get) here = adverb modifying 'got'

Is got a linking verb?

The verb 'got' is the past tense of the verb 'get', an action verb, but it can be a linking verb. A linking verb is usually a form of the verb to be or become.The easy way to recognize a linking verb is that a linking verb acts as an equals sign, the object is a different form of the subject (Mary is my sister. Mary=sister); or the subject becomes the object (My feet got wet. feet->wet).In the sentence, 'Marvin got an A in math.', the object of the verb 'A' is not a form of Marvin.

Use the word wile in a sentence?

"Wile" can be a noun or verb: She was pretty and clever, and she employed one wile after another until she got what she wanted. The aromas from the kitchen wiled me from the comfort of my bed.

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