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What is the video game Kingdom Hearts about?



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well, if you have ever heard of final fantasy it will give you a idea. the stroy begins in a island called destiny island where our hero sora lives with his friends riku and kairi. They dream of sailing far away from their island and explore other worlds. They build a raft and are ready to go when a freak storm hits the island at night and the three friends are aeperated. Riku goes into a dark portal and sora is transported to a place called traverse town where the keyblade( a weapen used by sora in the shape of a key, it can also be used to seal keyholes.) chooses him. There he also meets goofy and donald, who lived in another world also, but there king(aka mikey mouse lol :)) had gone missing and they go out to find him. The king left a note saying find a "key" they find sora and go together on a quest to find riku kairi and the king. Though riku is working for the evil malifencent, and has gained evil powers as he also searches for kairi, you should get it!!!! I WOULDN'T TELL YOU ANYTHING ELSE COZ DAT WOULD RUIN IT. also the intro and ending of kingdom hearts is brill. check it out and hope dis helped.