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What is the way to immigrate into the US?


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2007-05-11 23:05:54
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Yes, apply to the U.S. consulate in your country. The process may take a while but it's legal and you'll have proper status when you get here.


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The most dangerous way to immigrate to the USA would definitely have to be to immigrate illegally. Children and adults sometimes end up losing their lives in their efforts to reach American soil.

to immigrate to America for more opportunities

Mexicans immigrate into the US because they are seeking new opportunities. It is a misconception that the US has a well enough job market to immigrate. Other reasons to immigrate are financial troubles or to escape gangs and the drug crisis.

Many Colombians immigrate to the United States because of economic problems or violence.

There are various reasons that Britain's citizens might immigrate to the US. For example, they might move there to marry an American they met on the internet.

About 200,000 Arabs migrated to the US

for freedom and a better life

they immigrated to the US and Canada

The reasons a person can immigrate to the US range from political asylum to employment and family. Immigrants to the US are required to submit an application before being allowed to stay.

mostly to the western United States.

Primarily the US, Canada, and Australia.

The earliest Africans were forced into slavery.

Because of all the war and poor education

He didn't immigrate to the US. He immigrated to England.

The Irish Potato Famine forced many Irish to immigrate to the US.

to get better jobs and get away from poverty.

The immagrants came by mostly boat.

Lots of Slovaks migrate to the US in 1900-1920. They immigrate because Slovak was a part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire where was economic crisis.

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