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What is the website to get on Bebo?


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Type in bebo into Google and click on 'my bebo profile' and enter your username and password.


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go onto the website, and register for bebo.

Type in bebo into google and click on 'my bebo profile' and enter your username and password.

Ask that guy who made BebO he knows

Make a bebo but do it from another computer.

Miranda Cosgrove's official bebo website is

Go to the Bebo website. It will ask you information about yourself, then simply just fill it all in.

go on to the bebo website ( and then click "sign up" then follow the instructions

Facebook Bebo Habbo

No, not an official website but she does have bebo, piczo, myspace, twitter & youtube

If you mean Bebo says "Sorry, you cant use this website" when you log on, then it is because you have to be 13+.

Contact bebo support or make a new one on another computer.

To get a bebo you have to be 13 years old =] It says in it's terms and conditions if you go on the website.

You have to make the picture on a special website.

u dont install bebo it is a social website to chat with your freindsand play games and meet new freinds

theres one of facebook cheak out this website

To sign up for bebo, you have to go to the top and click sign up. Then you fill out the script. But you have to be atleast 13 or older.

Facebook is better than Bebo because Facebook is more popular some people don't know the website Bebo but most people know Penny


She doesn't have a personal bebo website.

Bebo is a great website. You can get it by just logging on to the websiteIt really depends on how old you are. I have got bebo and it is very good. There have been lots of improvements since i have made mine so be prepared to give a little bit of information and definitely your email address. Just type the word 'bebo' into google and click on the first one. Click sign up and then the rest is up to you!

no sorry only facebook and bebo it originated on bebo and spread to facebook ill update you when they come up with another site

Aol have said that they are trying to sell bebo but if they fail by the end of may the website will be shut down! It was on the news last night

YesBEBO is an acronym stands for BLOG EARLY BLOG OFTEN ,IS A FAMOUS SOCIAL NETWORK WEBSITE launched in July 2005 in collaboration with AOL .

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