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Q: What is the weight of flemish giant?
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Related questions

What type of animal is a Flemish Giant?

A Flemish Giant is a breed of rabbit.

What is the size of a fawn Flemish Giant rabbit?

A adult flemish giant weights 13+ pounds.

What is a Flemish giant?

Flemish giants are rabbits that weigh from 15 to 20lbs.

Can a Mini Rex successfully breed with a Flemish giant?

Yes, if the Flemish Giant is female. We have the baby bunnies to prove it.

How big will a flemish rabbit get?

There is no top show weight on a Flemish Giant rabbit. They will top the scales (normally) around 20 pounds. They are a 6 class animal. Type your answer here...

What is the largest rabbit species?

Flemish Giant

What is the fattest rabbit breed?

Flemish Giant

What are Flemish giant rabbits?

Flemish giant rabbits are the largest breed of rabbits. They were originally bred for eating but have since become popular household pets.

What is the largest type of bunny?

Flemish Giant they are the biggest....

What type of bunny is the biggest?

I think it's the Flemish giant

What is the biggest rabbit on earth?

It is probably the flemish giant rabbit.

What is bigger a male or female Flemish Giant?

The bigger of the two is the male

What is the biggest rabbit ever?

one of the biggest rabbits, is the french lop eared the others are flemish giant, checkered giant, and the giant chinchilla

How old is to old for a giant flemish rabbit to have babies?

65 years old

Where did the flemish giant breed of rabbit originated?

There are many opinions on where the Flemish Giant originated, many people believe it was Flanders---the orgin of its present name---was the country of its adoption but Europe can give no definite information on when it appeared there.

Will a Flemish giant eat morethat a mini lop?

Yes, considerably more. You should research on the breed you intend to get throuroughly before purchasing, but usually 2oz of pellets for a mini lop, and for the flemish around about an ounce of pellets for every pound in body weight.

What is the Gestation time of Flemish Giant rabbits?

It is the same as all rabbits 31 days.

What is the weight of a giant panda?

the weight of a giant panda is 400kg

What is a Giant Panda's weight?

A giant panda weight is 300

How small are rabbits?

It really depends on the breed. The Netherland Dwarf is about 2lbs, but the Flemish Giant is about 13lbs.

What is the biggest breed of rabbits?

The biggest type of rabbit is the Flemish Giant. The smallest is the Netherland Dwarf.

How long do Flemish giant rabbits get when they lie stretched?

They can be a little over 2 feet long.

How long does a flemish giant rabbit live?

About 9-15 years if you take good care of it

How much do bunnies weight?

about 2 and 1/2 pounds for the smallest breed of rabbit (Netherland Dwarf) and about 8 pounds-10 pounds for the heaviest breed of rabbit (Flemish Giant (I think!))

What is the California giant salamander's weight?

weight of california giant salamander?