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Left rear speaker- Blu/Yel + Gry/Wht - Left front speaker- Blu/Grn + Gry/Blk - Right front speaker- Red/Grn + Brn/Blk - Right rear speaker- Red/Yel + Brn/Wht - Ground- Blk Battery Constant- Wht/Blu (Fuse 12 15Amp) Battery Switched- Wht/Grn (Fuse 12 15Amp) Illumination Dimming Input- Red/Blk

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Q: What is the wirer diagram for the stero of a Honda CRX 1988 model?
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I do not know precisely, but will try to get the answer process started. Maybe someone else will come along who knows for certain. On almost all automomibles, fusible link(s) are generally located in very close proximity to the BATTERY, as fusible links are intended to do the same job as a fuse [actually is a type of fuse], EXCEPT they are for protecting very heavy duty circuits which carry heavy current. They are at, or very close to, the battery because they connect the battey to, and are intended to protect almost all of the other wiring circuits. They look just like ordinary wires [actually are], and are difficult for anyone, other than the most experienced automotive electrical technicinan, to identify. The best way to find and identify fusible links is to obtain the vehicle manufacturer's set of wiring diagrams and charts which are SPECIFIC to your model. These documents usually show where the links are located, and explain how to identify them by color and wirer size. Good luck!

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