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haha ur grammar is wrong lol


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The chemical symbol (not equation) of lithium is Li.

The balanced symbol equation for copper II oxide reacting with hydrogen is Cu + H2O. This reaction will create copper and water as a result.

Fe is a chemical symbol (not equation) for iron.

The chemical symbol of osmium (not equation) is Os.

The chemical symbol (not equation) of polonium is Po.

It turns out that radium is a chemical element. It has the chemical symbol Ra, and not a chemical equation.

There is no chemical equation for argon. A chemical equation describes a process, not an element or compound. Argon does have a chemical symbol, which is Ar.

This is not an equation but the chemical symbol of the cation: Ba2+.

Oxygen has not an equation, but a chemical symbol: O.

The chemical symbol (not equation) of mendelevium is Md.

if you mean symbol equation its C6H1206

H2O is the chemical symbol for water.

The chemical symbol of uranium is U.

The chemical symbol of gold is Au.

The chemical symbol of potassium is K.

The chemical symbol of rutherfordium is Rf.

The chemical symbol of gallium is Ga.

The chemical symbol of neon is Ne.

S is the chemical symbol of sulfur.

There isn't a "chemical equation for manganese". (It is an element.) The symbol for manganese is Mn.

The chemical symbol (not equation) of hydrogen is H; the diatomic molecule is H2.

A symbol equation shows the symbols and formulas for the starting and ending substances in a chemical reaction.

Any balanced equation for a chemical element; the chemical symbol of chromium is Cr.

The chemical symbol of uranium is U.

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