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What is the word for work in French?


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the verb "to work" is travailler. there is another word for the noun "work", travail, and another for a work of art/music, oevre

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safe to assume you meant "word" and not "work"? célèbre the french for ' work for famous'= travaux de célèbres the french word for 'famous'= célèbres

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travailler means 'to work' in French.

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"To work" is an English equivalent of the French word travailler.Specifically, the word is a verb in its form as a present infinitive. It also may mean "to work on" as in the contexts of impressing someone, improving performance, molding metal, and sculpting wood. The pronunciation will be "tra-va-ley" in French.

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The word gourmet comes from the French language. Gourmet came from an Old French work that meant wine tasters.

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