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There are several words that can be used to describe the denial of individual freedoms. The best choice is the word totalitarianism.

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Q: What is the word that means system that denies individual freedom?
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What does individual freedom mean?

Individual freedom means that someone is able to choose what they want to do without permission.

What is the meaning of individual freedom in a democracy?

It means individual freedom, subject to civil laws, but also taking on individual duties, as a citizen in the society. JW70

What word means giving somebody the freedom to make decisions according to individual circumstances?


What does detention mean?

Detention means lawful holding of a person by a state, government or individual by removing his/her freedom of liberty. and • the punishment of being kept in school after hours

How does the US free enterprise economy relate to individual freedom?

Free Enterprise means individuals have the freedom to start their own businesses. They can succeed or fail or their own

What does it mean to say that Tennessee has a bicameral system of government?

It means to have government that allows more freedom

What means freedom fighter?

It is means someone who fights for freedom

What has the government done to improve Domestic Tranquility?

The government ensures?ædomestic tranquility by doing things such as?æproviding a good justice system, as well as allowing individual freedom. The government also works on international cooperation as a means to improve domestic tranquility.

What does serfdom means?

Serfdom is a system where an individual is bound to the land and required to work for the landowner in exchange for protection and a small plot of land. Serfs were not free to leave the land without the landowner's permission and were subject to various obligations and restrictions on their freedom. This system was prevalent in feudal societies during the Middle Ages.

What are coercive labor systems?

A coercive labor system means a forced labor system as in slavery or an indentured laborer (a slave guaranteed freedom after service).

If an individual writes a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine he or she is exercising which freedom?

Freedom of the press is by no means universal. In some countries it is written into law, with certain restrictions. In other countries the press is strictly controlled. The western world, generally, believe it to be a fundamental right of the populace. To know or be informed of matters which may concern or interest them.

What does democrstic mean?

Democratic refers to a type of government or system where the power and authority are held by the people, either directly or through elected representatives. It also implies principles such as equality, freedom of speech, and the protection of individual rights.